How do you come up with a radio show name?

5-Tips for creating unique Radio Show Business name ideas

  1. Be creative. When it comes to naming your radio show, try to think of as many creative words as possible that you can put into our show name generator.
  2. Sound appealing.
  3. Ask for feedback.
  4. Check for domain availability.
  5. Use our Radio Show Name Generator.

How old is WMMR?

Born in 1968 as The Marconi Experiment with pioneer DJ Dave Herman playing new bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream and The Doors, WMMR has remained a rock station throughout our 40+ years broadcasting to the Delaware Valley.

Why is K Love called K love?

Radio stations west of the Mississippi River start with the letter “K” and stations east of the river start with “W”. K-LOVE is a network of contemporary Christian stations and each affiliate in our network has their own official call sign.

What radio personality is most popular?

And if your favourite presenter has been missed, then feel free to share away down in the comments.

  • Howard Stern.
  • Rush Limbaugh.
  • Ryan Seacrest.
  • Sean Hannity.
  • Glenn Beck.
  • John Peel.
  • Kenny Everett.
  • Terry Wogan.

What does DZ mean in radio?

The National Telecommunications Commission assigns the following call sign prefixes from the international series to Philippine broadcasting stations depending on the location of their license: DZ & DW for Luzon, except DZ for Palawan. DY for the Visayas, including Palawan and Masbate. DX for Mindanao.

Where is Preston Steve studio?

Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Preston & Steve

Genre Comedy, Talk, Rock
Executive producer(s) Casey Foster
Recording studio Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Original release 1998 on Y100/Y100 (Except February 23, 2005 – May 23, 2005) – present

What was the first song played on WMMR?

WMMR’s first free-form rock show, The Marconi Experiment, named for radio’s inventor and hosted by Dave Herman, began in 1968 with “Flying” by the Beatles, and never looked back.

Who is the highest-paid radio DJ?

The World’s HIghest-Paid Radio Host Howard Stern, on the third year of his eight-figure contract with SiriusXM, earned an estimated $90 million in our 12-month scoring period, before taxes and fees. The shock jock is once again the world’s highest-paid radio host.

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