How do I check my SafeLink status?

The easiest way to check your enrollment status is to go to

  1. Click “Account.”
  2. Click “Check Enrollment Status.”
  3. You will need to enter your Enrollment ID Number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).

How do I send proof to SafeLink?

Proof of eligibility can be a copy of your Medicaid or Food Stamp Card, a letter from SSA or state agency stating that you receive the benefit, or a similar document; provide copies ONLY.

How long does it take to get approved for a SafeLink phone?

Your social security number will also be required so Safelink can cross reference whether you are receiving state benefits based on your income level. Once your application has been approved, you can expect to receive your Safelink Wireless phone within five to 10 business days via US registered mail.

How often do you have to recertify with SafeLink?

one year
Subscribers will be recertified one year after the date that they are successfully reverified. The NV will perform all future recertification for subscribers in National Verifier states.

What is the SafeLink activation number?

Can I activate my phone through 611611? You can also activate your phone by selecting the “Activate Now” button below.

Does SafeLink offer unlimited data?

Unlimited Talk and Text Plan: With the basic SafeLink Unlimited plan you receive unlimited nationwide calling and text messaging. Data is not provided with the SafeLink Unlimited Voice and Text Plan. When subsidized by the California Lifeline Program, this plan is free.

How many minutes does SafeLink Wireless give out each month for free?

Units are deducted from the SafeLink Phone at a rate of one (1) unit per minute or partial minute of use. There is no additional charge for nationwide long distance. You will receive 350 free nationwide airtime minutes and 4.5GB of data each month, as well as unlimited text messaging.

How long does SafeLink last?

For how long is this service? Upon enrollment, you will receive your monthly allowance for 12 months and you will need to re-qualify once a year.

Is LifeLine and SafeLink the same?

What is the Lifeline Program? SafeLink Wireless is proud to offer LifeLine service, a program that enables qualifying customers to receive discounts on monthly telephone service.

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