What years did Illinois not have a budget?

The Illinois Budget Impasse was a 793-day-long budget crisis in the state of Illinois. From July 1, 2015, to August 31, 2017, Illinois was without a complete state budget for fiscal years 2016, 2017, and part of 2018.

What is the budget for the state of Illinois?

Illinois’ newly signed $46.5 billion budget, which includes $1.8 billion in election-year tax relief and put a $1 billion deposit into the state’s rainy day fund, will go into effect in just under three months.

What did the federal government spend the most money on in 2015?

Social Security was the largest. It cost $882 billion, lower than the estimate of $896 billion. It’s 100 percent paid for by payroll taxes, so it doesn’t add to the deficit. Medicaid cost $350 billion, more than the $336 billion budgeted.

When was the last time Illinois had a balanced budget?

Illinois hasn’t had a true balanced budget since 2001 In fact, the last year Illinois had a balanced budget was in 2001, according to the Illinois comptroller.

How much did the US spend in 2015?

$3.688 trillion
2015 United States federal budget

Submitted March 4, 2014
Total expenditures $3.90 trillion (requested) $3.688 trillion (actual) 20.6% of GDP
Deficit $564 billion (requested) $438.9 billion (actual) 2.45% of GDP
Debt $18.15 trillion (actual)
GDP $17.9 trillion (actual)

What was the total dollar amount collected in federal taxes for the year 2015?

$3.25 trillion
U.S. Tax Revenue by Year

Fiscal Year Revenue
FY 2016 $3.27 trillion
FY 2015 $3.25 trillion
FY 2014 $3.02 trillion
FY 2013 $2.77 trillion

How much do Illinois pensions owe?

The influx of cash reduced the pension debt from $144 billion projected by the state in 2020 for the five statewide pension systems.

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