What are the grades of ductile iron?

Ductile Iron Grade Comparison

Grade Tensile Strength (psi) Elongation
80-55-06 > 80,000 6
80-55-06X > 80,000 6
100-70-03 > 100,000 3
60-40-18 > 60,000 18

What is Dura-Bar material?

All Dura-Bar irons have two constituents in their microstructure, graphite and the matrix structure. Graphite will withstand a wide variety of chemical and atmospheric conditions and the matrix structure will behave similar to non-alloyed steel under the same conditions.

What is ASTM A48?

ASTM A48 is the most popular gray iron casting specification and classifies castings to various grades by their tensile strength. In order to standardize solidification and cooling rate, standard test specimen sizes are used to ensure conformance to the specification.

What are the grades of cast iron?

Farmer’s Copper carries three main grades of casted iron products: V-2 (class 40) Gray Iron, V-3 (65-45-12) Ductile Iron, and V-4 (80-55-06) Ductile Iron. These products offer excellent compression strength and high vibration dampening capability.

Which iron is considered between ductile and gray irons?

Continuous casting of ductile and gray iron dominates the industry in terms of low material cost, high machinability and high performance….Gray Iron/Ductile Iron Comparison.

Gray Iron Ductile Iron
Yield Strength +
Machinability + +
Contact continuous cast iron suppliers for gray & ductile iron raw stock.

Is Dura-Bar cast iron?

Dura-Bar® is the world leader in the production, technology and application of continuous cast iron bar stock. Dura-Bar® continuous cast iron offers similar properties to steel but with a higher quality machining, better thermal conductivity and a reduced cost to comparable steel products.

Can Dura-Bar be welded?

The simple answer is “Yes, both gray and ductile CAN be welded.” It welds in about the same amount of time as steel, but just like when machining Dura-Bar, it requires a different process to maximize the results.

Is a 210 a fg260?

IS 210 Grade FG200

Unit Property Name Value
GPa Elastic modulus 92.4
MPa Tensile strength 207
g/cm³ Density 7.15
[-] Hardness, Brinell 187

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