Where is the best weather in the south of England?

1. Bognor Regis: England’s sun king. Bognor Regis will not beaten on the amount of sunshine it gets every year: an average of 1,921 hours.

Is the weather better in the south of England?

Generally the South of England is the warmest area of the UK and has the less rain than most other regions. The conditions are affected by location even within this region however. The closer to the coast you get, the cooler the summers and warmer the winters, due to proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Is the South East of England warm?

The western side of Britain is warmed by the influence of the tropical maritime airstream. Temperatures are therefore colder in the east than in the west during winter. During summer the south is warmer than the north….The Climate of Britain.

Site Reading Annual average
B Rainfall total mm 880
C Temperature ºC 10.9
Rainfall total mm 957

Does it snow in south England?

The snow usually only settles between the months of December and March. Snow rarely falls when temperatures are greater than 4 °C (39 °F) and for snow to settle temperatures must normally be lower than 4 °C (39 °F).

Which UK town has the most sunshine?

Chichester has been named the sunniest place in the UK – thanks to its record-high levels of sunshine this winter. Met Office data found the city received more than 230 hours of sunlight – or nearly ten days – across the coldest season, which is more than anywhere else in the country.

Where is the warmest place in the UK to live?

The Isles of Scilly have the highest mean annual temperature in the UK of 11.5 degrees Celsius (52.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Not far behind are coastal parts of Cornwall, where many low-elevation sites average above 11 °C (52 °F).

Why is the South always hotter?

The southern hemisphere is warmer than the northern hemisphere because more of its surface area is water.

Which UK coast is warmest?

Hottest place in the United Kingdom – Isles of Scilly. The Isles of Scilly rise in the Atlantic about 40 kilometres (25 miles) west of the tip of the Cornish peninsula. The ocean around Cornwall and Scilly has the warmest temperature of any water off the UK coast.

Why is south East England warmer?

“Firstly they are the part of the UK that is closest to continental Europe and as such can be subject to similar weather patterns. “In summer for example, the south east can experience hot and humid weather brought towards the UK by south-easterly winds from mainland Europe.”

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