What is gripper margin?

A space at the leading edge of a sheet of paper—usually three-eighths to one-half inch wide—in which, on a sheetfed press, printing cannot take place. This margin is reserved for use by the grippers, or the mechanisms that carry the sheet through the press.

What is Gripper side in printing?

A gripper, is basically a space on a sheet of paper that allows for the press to physically grip the paper. This is where the machine pulls the paper and guides it along the path to print. And so, anything under the guide is obviously outside of the printing area and effectively unprintable.

What is gripper edge?

The edge of a sheet of paper passing through a sheetfed press containing the gripper margin, or, in other words, that edge of the sheet which is grasped by the grippers of the press. The term gripper edge also refers to the edge of a wraparound printing plate which is secured by the plate clamp.

What is work and tumble in printing?

Definition of work-and-tumble (Entry 2 of 2) : with all the pages of a signature imposed in one form so that when the sheet is printed, turned over side for side, backed, and cut two complete copies result.

What is three point register system?

Three-point registration is a technique used to attain consistent and repeatable placement of colors printed onto a substrate as well as the final cut of that printed substrate in the same consistent and repeatable manner.

What is half sheet work?

noun In printing, press-work in which the sheet is printed on one side by one form of type, and on the other side by another form: in contradistinction to half-sheet work, in which the sheet is printed on both sides from the same form.

What is Sheetwise imposition?

Sheet-wise impositions image the fronts of all pages on one side of the sheet and impose all the backs on a separate set of plates for a press run that will back up all the sheets.

What is Colour register?

Ink Color Registration Four color process printing uses four ink colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These four colors are applied one after the other on a printing press. They overlap each other in various concentrations on the paper to create the visual effect we know as full color printing.

What is single sheet feeder?

As its name indicates, a single-sheet feeder feeds one sheet at a time, the first sheet completely clearing the pile table before the next sheet is pulled from the pile. (A single-sheet feeder is also known as a successive sheet feeder.)

What is full sheet work?

What is sheet work?

Definition of sheetwork 1 : printing done by sheet imposition. 2 : bookbinders’ work including all of the operations from handling flat printed sheets, inserts, and maps to sewing the sections together — compare case transitive verb forward transitive verb.

What is Sheetwork in printing?

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