How do I add credit to Roshan?

Recharge a mobile phone in 3 easy steps:

  1. Recharge Details. Choose where, to whom and how much credit you want to send.
  2. Proceed to Payment. Pay with your PayPal, credit or debit card. It doesn’t matter what you choose.
  3. Phone is Recharged. Your recharge is sent almost instantly and the recipient can enjoy the credit.

How can I recharge Roshan in Afghanistan?

Recharging Roshan mobile phones in Afghanistan is very easy and intuitive:

  1. First type the number of the mobile phone Roshan Afghanistan.
  2. You can then choose the amount you want to send to Roshan Afghanistan.
  3. Finally, only the payment remains. Depending on where you live, Fonmoney offers various payment options, e.g. B.

How do I call Roshan?

Customer Care For our female customers who prefer to talk with a female representative, they can register to call Roshan’s Women Call Center by dialing 333 and selecting option 9 on Saturdays from 6 AM to 4 PM. Afghanistan: Dial 333. Overseas: Dial (+93) 79 997 1333. Other national network: Dial 079 997 1333.

What country is Roshan from?

Roshan (Persian: روشن) is an Afghan telecommunications provider, serving over six million active subscribers.

How do I check my Roshan MB balance?

Roshan Balance Check Dial 444 or *444# to check your remaining balance.

How can I send Roshan Internet to Roshan?

All prepaid and postpaid customers can get new internet packages by sending the D200 to 555….Roshan free Wireless Unlimited internet.

Offer Type Roshan Afghanistan New Prepaid Connection
Price/Charges FREE
Internet 10 GB+
Validity 30 Days
How to Get Send M10 or info to 555 or call at 555

How can I transfer balance from Roshan number?

Send an SMS with friend’s phone number#to#amount to 123. For example, 0791234567#to#50.

How can I send MB in Roshan?

To transfer your data from your data bundle, please dial the *500*MB amount*Number#. For example, if you want to send 50MB, you dial *500*50*079999xxxx#.

What is the meaning of Rosan?

Meaning of Rosan Derived from Latin “Rosa” which means ‘Rose’ “Rosan” or also “Rosen” which means the same i.e ‘Rose’, name is mostly used as surname. But can also be used as First name, Its name is feminine in nature but males can also get this name, Therefore its ‘feminine’ as well as ‘masculine’ name.

Is Roshan a male or female name?

Roshan is a gender neutral name of Persian origin. This name is a representative of the shining spirit in baby with a definition of “splendid light”, “bright”, and “daylight”.

How can I activate 1gb internet in Roshan?

  1. 250 MB. daily. Activation: Send D200 to 555. Deactivation: Send UD200 to 555. USSD: *555# 250 MB. ✕ Available in: All Afghanistan.
  2. 1 GB. daily. Activation: Send D1 to 555. Deactivation: Send UD1 to 555. USSD: *555# 1 GB. ✕
  3. 3 GB. daily. Activation: Send 3GB to 555. Deactivation: Send U3GB to 555. USSD: *555# 3 GB. ✕

How do I cancel my Roshan daily bundle?

  1. Flat Rate. Call & Text National 1.50 AF/MIN. daily. 1.99. Activation: Send 199 to 555.
  2. 40 MINS. Roshan Minutes. daily. Activation: Send 40 to 555. Deactivation: Send D40 to 555.
  3. 150 MINS. Roshan Minutes. daily. Activation: Send 35 to 555. Deactivation: Send D35 to 555.
  4. 35 MINS. National Minutes. daily. Activation: Send 45 to 555.

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