How do you control shooting borers?

Bore holes on shoots and fruits plugged with excreta. Shedding of flower buds….

  1. Remove the affected terminal shoot showing boreholes.
  2. Remove the affected fruits and destroy.
  3. Avoid continuous cropping of brinjal crop.
  4. Grow the varieties with long and narrow fruits in endemic areas.
  5. Install pheromone trap@12/ha.

What is early Shoot Borer?

Symptom: Dead heart shows in 1-3 months old crop, which can be easily pulled out. Caterpillar bores into the central shoot and feeds on the internal tissue cause Dead heart. Rotten portion of the straw coloured shoot emits an offensive odour. A number of bore holes at the base of the shoot just above the ground level.

What is the life cycle of shoot borer?

The larvae, which hatch from the eggs in 1-6 days, get scattered and enter the stem by making a hole just above the ground level. It becomes fully grown in 25-30 days and pupates inside the stem. An adult moth emerges after 6-8 days. The total life cycle is completed in 35-40 days.

What is an insect borer?

Borers are a group of insect pests that spend part of their adult or larval life stage feeding inside roots and branches, or tunneling beneath the bark or into the heartwood of many trees and shrubs. Many species of boring insects are capable of causing internal damage to a wide range of plants.

What was borers used for?

1. A tool used for drilling. 2. An insect or insect larva, such as a corn borer, that bores chiefly into the stems and trunks of plants.

What is the tomato pest?

Aphids, flea beetles, leafminers, and spider mites threaten young plant-bed tomatoes. In the field, flea beetles, aphids, leafminers, stink bugs, and fruitworms cause minimal damage to the foliage. However, severe damage may result either from their feeding on the fruit or by spreading certain diseases.

What is the damaging stage of top shoot borer of sugarcane?

After one week, larvae emerges from the eggs and it initiates the damaging to the stem near the base of the sugarcane stem by entering inside. The larvae has a life span of about three weeks. Larvae damages inside the inside of stem and makes tunnels inside the cane; after that, the larvae goes into a pupal stage.

How do you control whitefly in sugarcane?

Spraying acephate 2g per lit of water. the spray has to be repeated after a month to kill the nymphs emerging from eggs….Cultural method:

  1. Avoid water stagnation and provide proper drainage facilities.
  2. Detrashing of cane at the 5th and 7 th month.
  3. Avoid the excess application of fertilizers.

Which of the following is the sugarcane early shoot borer?

Chilo infuscatellus, the yellow top borer or sugarcane shoot borer, is a moth in the family Crambidae….

Chilo infuscatellus
Scientific classification
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera

What insecticide kills tree borers?

We recommend first using a contact insecticide such as Sylo Insecticide to the tree trunk, limbs, and bark to kill any active borers are inside the tree. This is a pyrethroid that delivers a quick knockdown of insects on trees.

What is Borer proof plywood?

Borer proof plywood is remarkable for its incredible resistance to attacks by borers. This type of plywood is specifically designed, chemically treated, and crafted from high-quality timber to achieve this feat. Unlike traditional wood, these last for a long time.

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