What volcano erupted in Norway?

volcano Beerenberg
As recently as 1985 there was an eruption from the volcano Beerenberg (2277 m) on the island – the world´s northernmost volcano above sea level, and Norway’s only active volcano. There is a constant threat of new eruptions and earthquakes.

What volcano is in Norway?

Beerenberg is a stratovolcano dominating the northeastern end of the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen. It is 2,277 m (7,470 ft) high and is the world’s northernmost subaerial active volcano.

Is the Nishino Shima volcano active?

On 6 December 2019, the Japan Coast Guard confirmed explosive activity in Nishinoshima has returned, with new lava flows entering the sea by the following day.

Why did the Tseax cone erupt?

The volcano is made of volcanic bombs and cinders with a crater at its summit where a churning lava lake poured and overflowed its rim during the 18th century. Volcanism at the Tseax Cone is caused by the rifting of the Earth’s crust where two parts of the North American Plate are breaking apart.

Is Jan Mayen a volcano?

Beerenberg Volcano on Jan Mayen is the most northern (sub-aerial) active volcano in the world. Jan Mayen island is 40 km long and has high cliffs. Beerenberg is the highest mountain in the Artic Circle.

When did beerenberg last erupt?

1985Beerenberg / Last eruption

Is Japan a volcanic island?

Japan is in a volcanic zone on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Frequent low intensity earth tremors and occasional volcanic activity are felt throughout the islands.

Where is the Tseax cone located?

British Columbia, Canada
It is located east of Crater Creek at outlet of Melita Lake, southeast of Gitlakdamix and 60 kilometres north of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. The volcano is in a valley above and east of the Tseax River, about 20 kilometres south of the river’s junction with the larger Nass River.

Can I live on Jan Mayen?

It is a territory of Norway, and has no native population. The eighteen people who currently live there operate the weather station, LORAN-C transmitter, and coastal radio station. Their base is called Olonkin City, which is located on the southwest coast.

How old is Jan Mayen?

Its age was determined on approximately 700,000 years. On the Jan Mayen Island is also located the northernmost volcano of the world which is over sea level. The 2,277 meters high volcano “Beerenberg” characterises the arctic landscape of the island.

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