How much does it cost to go to Sotogrande International School?

Sotogrande International School fees start from 7,400 euros annually and go up to 21,400 euros for the IB Diploma. The school also asks for a registration fee, a deposit to secure a place and an endowment fund between 3,000 – 4,000 euros per family.

What city is Sotogrande International School in?

ᐅ Sotogrande International School in Cadiz | Premium Private School in Spain.

Where in Spain is Sotogrande?

province of Cadiz
Where in Spain is Sotogrande? Sotogrande is on Spain’s southern coast, known as Costa del Sol (sunshine coast). It is part of the region of Andalusia, in the province of Cadiz.

How many international schools are there in the UK?

In 2021, 5,500 schools offered 7,500 IB programs across 159 countries. This includes the 108 IB international schools in the UK that use English as the instruction language. These schools offer at least one of the following IB’s four programs: Primary Years Programme (PYP) – 7 schools.

What are the annual fees of Singapore International School Mumbai?

Tuition fees (per year): Day scholars: Rs. 6 lakh; Boarders:Rs. 8 lakh.

What do you mean by international school?

An international school is a school that promotes international education in an international environment. International schools usually adopt a curriculum such as that of the International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education, International Primary Curriculum, or Advanced Placement.

Who owns Sotogrande?

Orion now owns 99% of Sotogrande SA. As of December 29, 2017, Sotogrande, S.A. became officially a private company.

What is Sotogrande famous for?

Sotogrande is well known as an architectural showcase on the Costa del Sol, with styles varying from the traditional Andalucian to mid-century modern, to more modern and unusual designs, including moorish/mudéjar style homes and a Swiss chalet.

Are Spanish international schools free?

The Spanish education system The system includes six years of primary education followed by four years of secondary and is free at state schools.

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