How do I get more HGVC points?

The higher-demand your HGVC timeshare is, the more points it will ultimately be worth….Understanding Your Home Week

  1. The resort at which you own HGVC timeshare.
  2. The size of your timeshare unit.
  3. Your deeded fixed week of ownership.
  4. The season that your week falls in.

How much does it cost to save HGVC points?

Point Stretching

Point Stretching Transaction Fees 2019 Price 2021 Price
Save Points – Phone $118 $129
Save Points – Online $108 $119
RCI Depositing – Phone $118 $149
RCI Depositing – Online $108 $139

Are HGVC timeshares worth it?

Another reason Hilton Timeshares are worth it is because of their flexible ClubPoints. You won’t be committing to just one home resort, you’ll be able to use your points at any Hilton resort around the world. You’ll also be able to bank and borrow points, which is great when you want to plan a bigger vacation!

Can you use HGVC points for airfare?

Use your points to pay for your flights and car rental. Travel Pro-Tip: even if you aren’t using points, you can still call a reservation agent for Hilton Grand Vacations Travel to book your transportation. These agents have access to real-time availability and competitive pricing for most major airlines.

Do Hgvc points expire?

Remember: You can’t use your points later if they’ve expired. But you can always extend your unused Points into next year if you need more time to think.

What can you do with HGVC points?

Here are 10 ways you can use your ClubPoints to experience the world:

  • Book a cruise.
  • Convert ClubPoints to Hilton Honors points.
  • Pay for air travel or car rentals.
  • Experience natural wonders.
  • Take a guided adventure.
  • Vacation from a houseboat.
  • Sight see from a motorcycle.
  • Journey in an RV.

Does Hilton Grand Vacations have an exit program?

Yes, the Hilton Grand Vacations Club does offer an exit program of its own.

Can you use points at Hilton Grand Vacations?

Points give you booking flexibility, so you can make every trip fit your every need (even if they are different than last time). Our points-based reservation system allows you to purchase and use your ClubPoints to go on amazing trips, once-in-a-lifetime vacations, weekend getaways — and everything in between.

Is Diamond Resorts buying Hilton?

It’s officially official: Hilton Grand Vacations’ $1.4 billion acquisition of Diamond Resorts has closed. As we previously reported in March, when the merger was first announced, the deal caused shockwaves through the timeshare industry. Why?

Can you use Hilton points at Diamond Resorts?

According to, members can use points they’ve earned to stay at numerous resort locations, book cruises and guided adventures, receive special travel benefits, and even book rental cars and airfare tickets.

Do Hilton Club points expire?

Hilton points expire after 12 months of inactivity in your account. You can stop this from happening – there are many ways to keep your Hilton points from expiring.

Can you cancel a vacation club membership?

Canceling A Vacation Club Contract Most, if not all, contracts include a “termination clause”. Some call it dispute resolution, rescission period, and other legal mumbo-jumbo. If you are still within the contract’s rescission period then, send a notice of termination.

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