What is the true meaning of accomplishment?

1 : the act or fact of accomplishing something : completion accomplishment of a goal a feeling of accomplishment. 2 : something that has been accomplished : achievement Her family is proud of her academic accomplishments. an impressive accomplishment. 3a : a quality or ability equipping one for society.

What is an accomplishment example?

What are examples of accomplishments? Your accomplishments can span scholarships, awards, certifications, goals you reached at your previous roles, and much more. Anything that you’ve worked hard to achieve can be included as an accomplishment, especially if those goals are measurable.

What is the word for accomplishments?


  • achievement,
  • acquirement,
  • attainment,
  • baby,
  • coup,
  • success,
  • triumph.

What are accomplishments in life?

Being able to pursue interesting, high-quality work that has a positive impact.

  • Securing awards, promotions and other acknowledgements of achievement.
  • Maintaining a happy and healthy family life as well as a career.
  • Handling challenge, complexity and change.
  • Exercising leadership, authority and influence.
  • What is the difference between accomplishment and success?

    As nouns the difference between accomplishment and success is that accomplishment is the act of accomplishing; entire performance; completion; fulfillment; as, the accomplishment of an enterprise, of a prophecy, etc while success is (obsolete) something which happens as a consequence; the outcome or result.

    What is the difference between accomplishment and achievement?

    This article aims to highlight the differences and suggest suitability for both words in the context of Project Management. An achievement is a goal that has been reached. An accomplishment is an initiative, task, project, job, etc. that has been completed.

    How do I write an accomplishment?

    How to write accomplishment statements

    1. Identify which accomplishments to highlight. When deciding which accomplishments to highlight, consider those that are most relevant to the job and company you’re applying to.
    2. Use the STAR answer technique.
    3. Use action verbs.

    What is an accomplishment you are proud of?

    ‘My greatest achievement’ examples could include: Giving a great presentation at work. Beating sales targets. Training for and completing a marathon.

    What are types of accomplishments?

    Some examples of accomplishments are:

    • Scholarships.
    • Honor Roll inclusion for high grades.
    • Awards won for specific activities or subjects (i.e., Most Valuable Player (MVP), Fine Art Award)
    • Inclusion in student-related achievement publications (i.e., Who’s Who in American High Schools)
    • Perfect attendance awards.

    What is an accomplishment to be proud of?

    Here is a list of a 100 accomplishments I’ve learned how to be proud of. I made it out of school alive even though I didn’t like it. I’ve learned how to learn, outside of the classroom. I’ve only drank alcohol in triumph, never in sadness.

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