How do you read a SC001 chart?

The smaller the number, the brighter the star. The SC001 shows the magnitudes of stars by the size of the dot representing the star. The correspondence between the magnitude of a star and the size of its plotted symbol is shown in the scale on the lower right edge of the chart.

What is the zenith on a star chart?

The zenith is the point in the sky that is directly overhead.

What is the right ascension of the Meridian?

The 0h line of right ascension is the celestial equivalent of the Greenwich meridian on Earth. An hour of right ascension is equivalent to 15 degrees of arc, so that 24 h of RA is equivalent to 360°.

What constellation is the sun in when it is a 6h RA?

The Sun is currently in the constellation of Aries.

Does the sun follow the ecliptic?

Bottom Line: The ecliptic is the path the sun takes across our sky. It’s the Earth-sun plane. And, more or less, it’s the plane of the orbits of the major planets and their moons, and some asteroids.

How do you read the planisphere?

On the front of the planisphere, the center of the horizon corresponds to the direction North (0º azimuth). The right side of the horizon is the eastern horizon (90º azimuth), and the left side is the western horizon (270º azimuth).

What is the meaning of a celestial equator?

definition. In Equator. celestial equator is the great circle in which the plane of the terrestrial Equator intersects the celestial sphere; it consequently is equidistant from the celestial poles.

How do beginners read stars?

Start with the Big Dipper. It’s your starting point to the map to the universe. Look high in the northern sky for a gently arcing line of three stars connected to a shallow pan. Follow the path of the two stars that make up the far edge of the Big Dipper’s pan up to the first bright star.

How does one read a star?

Stars are represented as black dots on a white background, which makes it easier to read when observing at night. The size of the dot reflects the brightness of the star, the bigger the dot, the brighter the star.

What is RA astronomy?

R.A. means “right ascension” and Dec. means “declination”; these are the two parts of the equatorial coordinate system. Astronomers developed it to correspond to longitude and latitude on Earth.

What constellation is the Sun in when it is a 6h RA?

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