Does Greely work for the Phantoms?

Greely was falsely accused of being an ally of the phantoms. Greely was known as ‘Greely the Mysterious Wolf’ when he became an Alpha. There is a running gag where whenever a player first encounters Greely in an adventure, they “ruin his plans” one way or another.

What are the prizes for the search for Greely?


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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Right Phantom Vines Phantom Armor
Bottom Left Greely Wanted Poster Phantom Gauntlets
Bottom Right 1,000 Gems Phantom Tail Armor

What are the prizes for Greely’s Inferno?


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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Middle Chest Greely’s Wardrobe 1,500 Gems
Top Right Chest 750 Gems 1,000 Gems
Bottom Left Chest 1,000 Gems Greely’s Desk

Who is Mira Animal Jam?

Mira is the Mother and Guardian Spirit of Jamaa, according to the legends. She has not made an appearance in-game, however, if enough Jammers dance around the Fire Pit in Sarepia Forest, blue flames in the shape of Mira appear.

Are there adventures in Ajpw?

Animal Jam Classic members can host Adventures, which means an invite will follow them wherever they go, and Jammers from anywhere in Jamaa can join them. Members can also display their courage level on their nametag. Each of your animals has their own series of Adventures.

What are the prizes for the hive?


  • Butterfly Wings.
  • Zios Sculpture.
  • Rhino Helmet.
  • What are the prizes for Meet Cosmo?

    He will give the player 1000 Gems and 50 Courage Points. Reviving all the plants withered by Phantoms, including the plants locked by the polluted water behind the last cave, will grant the player 1000 Gems and 50 Courage Points if they return and talk to Gregor, the Koala in the first Den.

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