What is ovatu?

About Ovatu. *60 DAY FREE TRIAL* Ovatu is a world-class salon booking software provider with full point of sale, reminders, online booking options, marketing tools, and more. Ovatu customises the entire booking experience to your brand and helps convert more people into long-term customers.

How can I add Ovatu to my website?

Copy the Widget code from the Online Booking > Book. app page in your Ovatu account. Edit your website with your website editor and paste the widget code on the relevant page where you’d like the widget to show.

What is card capture Ovatu?

Ovatu sends a request to your Stripe or Square account to charge a specific card, at your request. The Stripe and Square integrations work differently for card capture: Stripe – You can capture card details without taking a payment, and you can also capture card details while also taking a payment.

How do I add a form to Ovatu?

How do I add a Form to a Customer file?

  1. Click +Add / Request Form, and choose Add Form.
  2. Select the required Form from the Form field.
  3. Once the Form is complete, click Save.
  4. The completed Form will appear in the Forms section of the Customer file:

Does Ovatu have an app?

Ovatu You is our Customer-facing Online Booking IOS and Android App. Customers can download this App to their mobile device, from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In Ovatu You, Customers create a profile, which allows them to book appointments with any Ovatu businesses, in their area.

Does Ovatu have consultation forms?

Ovatu’s electronic consultation forms can even be completed before your customer comes through your door. easily build any type of form with our simple form building tool.

How do I link my booking system to Facebook?

Link your online bookings page to your Facebook Business page

  1. Go to your Facebook Business page;
  2. Click on Edit Button under the cover banner;
  3. Click on Book Now, to create a booking button;
  4. Then select Link to website;
  5. Add the link to your Halaxy Profile or to your own website and save.

Can you take deposits on Ovatu?

Taking payments, deposits and card capture online is an invaluable tool in securing bookings and reducing no-shows! Partner with one of our many compatible online payment merchants and customise your payment settings to suit your business needs! Less no shows AND less admin!

How do I cancel Ovatu?

For customer online cancellations, there are additional settings in the Online Booking > Settings section (see this article)….Here you can:

  1. Enable or disable customer online cancellations (Allow Customer Self-cancel)
  2. Specify the window within which a customer online cancellation can be made (Customer Self-cancel Window)

How do I cancel an Ovatu appointment?

Enable or disable customer online cancellations (Allow Customer Self-cancel) Specify the window within which a customer online cancellation can be made (Customer Self-cancel Window) Modify the warning text from “Are you sure you want to cancel this appointment”, to a message of your choice (Customer Self-cancel Notice)

How do I create a book now button on Facebook?

How do I add a Book now button?

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to your page’s cover picture.
  2. Click on Create Call-to-action.
  3. Select Book now. Then type in the destination URL you want to link to.
  4. Click Create.

Does Facebook have a scheduling app?

Your Facebook appointment booking app allows you to add a ‘Featured Services’ section to your business page. Customers can quickly view out up to 10 of your most popular services without having to browse your entire offering.

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