Did Reagan work for General Electric?

Reagan’s contract with GE also entailed work as a motivational speaker for the company. After eight years as host, Reagan estimated he had visited 135 GE research and manufacturing facilities, and met over 250,000 people.

What show did Reagan host?

In his final work as a professional actor, Reagan was a host and performer from 1964 to 1965 on the television series Death Valley Days.

Where can I watch General Electric Theater?

The series was sponsored by General Electric’s Department of Public Re Streaming on Roku. The General Electric Theater The face is familiar, a comedy movie starring is available to stream now. Watch it on ATV People, Dunamys Courses or Church Orlando – FL on your Roku device.

What was Ronald Reagan’s most famous movie role?

Knute Rockne: All-American (1940) In 1952, Reagan would star in another male sports weepie, ”The Winning Team,” as epileptic pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, but this one gave Reagan his most famous role, as ill-fated Notre Dame gridiron great George Gipp.

What is Ronald Reagan’s most famous movie?

The Five Best Ronald Reagan Movies of His Career

  1. Kings Row.
  2. Knute Rockne, All American.
  3. Dark Victory.
  4. Santa Fe Trail.
  5. Hellcats of the Navy.

Was Reagan in any good movies?

from his absence during World War II, Reagan would make most of his movies with Warner Bros. With the studio, he starred in such films as Dark Victory, Knute Rockne, All American, and Kings Row – which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1943.

Did Reagan win an Oscar?

The very idea of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarding an honorary Oscar to Ronald Reagan does not appear to have the slightest support from the Academy’s members. That’s a shame.

Was Reaganomics a success?

Results of Reaganomics Reaganomics did ignite one of the longest and strongest periods of economic growth in the US. The result of tax cuts depended on how fast the economy was growing at the time and how high taxes were before they were cut. Cutting taxes only increases government revenue up to a certain point.

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