How do I set up a standing order with RBS?

  1. Log in to the mobile app.
  2. Select the account that you want to set up the standing order to come from.
  3. Select the ‘Standing order’ section.
  4. Select ‘Create’ in the top right of the screen to add a new standing order.
  5. Choose your payee from the lists provided – either to a payee or one of your own accounts.

Can someone set up a standing order with my bank details?

Standing orders are set up by the customer through their bank. This means that the only person who can set up or control a standing order is the person who sends the money.

Do I need a card reader to set up a standing order?

To set up a standing order online You will require a card-reader and a card you can use with that reader to complete this process. Access your Online Banking service at (opens in a new window). Select ‘Payments and transfers’ from the left hand menu.

What are the disadvantages of standing order?

If you want to change the date or the amount of your standing order, then you will need to cancel it and instate a new one. If you do not set yours up in time, then you run the risk of missing a payment date and incurring late payment fees on your account or from the person or business you’re making the payment too.

Who sets up a standing order?

The payer
A standing order is an automated method of making payments, where a person or business instructs their bank to pay another person or business a fixed amount of money at regular (fixed) intervals. The payer controls the standing order; they set it up themselves, and choose the amount and frequency.

How long does standing order take to set up?

Standing orders are usually processed on the same day they are set up . However, allow between three to five working days for it to clear. If your payment is due to go out on a bank holiday or weekend, the money will leave your account on the next working day.

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