Is Hancock college free?

The Hancock Promise provides local high school graduates with a year of free tuition at Allan Hancock College!

What is Allan Hancock College known for?

Allan Hancock College is well-known for its English as a second language program, its professional theatre program, and for providing superior support services for its students, including counseling and tutoring. In every sense, Allan Hancock College is a college for the community.

What is full time Allan Hancock College?

If you are working full-time, 35+ hours per week, you should limit enrollment to no more than 6 units.

Does Allan Hancock offer bachelor degrees?

Satellite Location Allan Hancock College The University of La Verne offers bachelor’s degree programs on the campus of Allan Hancock College, allowing students to make a seamless transition from the community college to the university.

Does Allan Hancock College have dorms?

Allan Hancock College does not offer housing or meal plans. However, they do report that books and supplies typically costs about $1,080.

Is Allan Hancock a good college?

In conclusion, Allan Hancock is one of the best community colleges in Califorina for a plethora of reasons pertaining to academic, social life, faculty and staff. It’s a very good campus. The large majority of both staff and alumni are very kind, and overall creates a friendly vibe throughout the whole campus.

How many units are full time in Allan Hancock College?

A full-time unit load consists of 12 to 20.5 units per semester. For every unit in which a student enrolls, the student should set aside two hours of study time per week to support a quality learning experience.

What type of college is Allan Hancock?

Public community college
Allan Hancock College is a public community college in Santa Maria, California….Allan Hancock College.

Type Public community college
Parent institution California Community Colleges System
President Kevin G. Walthers
Students 13,741 (Spring 2013)

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