How many authenticated photos of Billy the Kid are there?

one photograph
To date, only one photograph of Bonney has ever been authenticated by scholars and historians across the board. That photo, dating from late 1879 or early 1880, depicts him posed in a studio wearing a distinctive cowboy hat and holding an 1873 Winchester rifle.

Is the Billy the Kid croquet photo real?

In 2011, after the Upham-photo of Billy The Kid sold for $2.3 million, Randy reached out to the experts for the first time. He met with Brian Lebel at a show in Grass Valley, CA and showed him the actual tintype along with a high-quality enlargement of the image.

Who authenticated the Billy the Kid photo?

The photo was authenticated by a San Francisco-based Americana company, Kagin’s, which identified Billy the Kid along with several members of the Regulators, as well as friends and family. It was taken after a wedding in the summer of 1878, just a month after the gang took part in the brutal Lincoln County war.

Is there a second picture of Billy the Kid?

Taken in 1877, the rare black-and-white image shows the notorious Irish American outlaw sitting around a table playing cards with his gang – Richard Brewer, Fred Waite, and Henry Brown. It is the second-confirmed photograph of Billy the Kid, who was also known as William H. Bonney. (His birth name was Henry McCarty.)

Are there any pictures of Doc Holliday?

Yep, there sure are. In fact there are only two photos of Doc as an adult with real provenance; the graduation pic from dental school in Philadelphia when Doc was twenty and the one taken in Prescott in 1879. Doc Holliday at 20 years old.

What was chiseled on Billy the Kid’s grave?

A Colorado stonecutter named James Noah Warner (1892-1962) read about the Fort Sumner cemetery and decided that Billy the Kid needed his own gravestone. He carved one with two crossed pistols, 21 notches for the men Billy had supposedly killed, and the epitaphs “Truth and History” and “The Boy Bandit King.

How much did the Billy the Kid croquet photo sell for?

$5 million
New Billy the Kid photo bought for $2 to sell for $5 million.

Is Brushy Bill Roberts Billy the Kid?

‘Brushy Bill’ Roberts, alias Billy the Kid, died in Hico, Texas, December 27, 1950. He spent the last days of his life trying to prove to the world what he claimed was his true identity, and to obtain the pardon promised to Billy the Kid by the governor of the territory of New Mexico (Lew Wallace).

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