Who is Nightcrawlers love interest?

Amanda Sefton (real name Jimaine Szardos) (also known as Daytripper and the second Magik) is a fictional character, a witch appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is the foster sister and lover of Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler of the X-Men.

Who did Nightcrawler marry?

Alan Cumming, who played the blue-skinned mutant Nightcrawler in the “X-Men” sequel, is not longer feeling so blue. The 41-year-old actor married his boyfriend, commercial illustrator Grant Shaffer, in a civil ceremony outside London on Sunday, Jan. 7, reports People.

Is Azazel the same as Nightcrawler?

Azazel possesses all of his son Nightcrawler’s powers, but to a much greater degree; claimed by Mystique and Nightcrawler to be the greatest and most powerful teleporter in the world, he has unparalleled teleportation powers and does not suffer from the limits of needing to see or know where he is going.

Is Blink related to Nightcrawler?

Blink shares abilities with another teleporter – Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler. This is actually addressed in a hilarious bit in one of the first comics. (But no, she and Kurt aren’t related.)

What does Nightcrawler say in German in x2?

(at around 26 mins) The German phrases that Nightcrawler shouts to Storm and Jean in the Boston church are “Gehen Sie raus! Ich bin ein Büttel des Teufels! Ich bin die Ausgeburt des Bösen!” They translate to “Get out! I am a minion of the devil!

Are Nightcrawler and Azazel related?

Azazel is, in the canon Marvel Universe, a demon-like mutant called a Neyaphem and father to Nightcrawler. The complete range of abilities available to the Neyaphem species is unknown. Being an immortal, demon-like mutant may grant him several powers his hybrid human son may not possess.

Who is stronger Azazel or Nightcrawler?

Did Wolverine and Nightcrawler relationship?

Together the mutant superhero pair are the strongest X-Men members, and the different personalities of Wolverine and Nightcrawler have proven 10 about times in Marvel Comics history that they make the perfect odd couple. Logan, the former Weapon X, would rather be by his lonesome and remain quiet than be part of the …

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