Can RTJ gaskets be reused?

Coining deforms and yields the gasket hence its reuse will not reliably achieve the required seal….Is it safe then to reuse the gaskets only for hydrotest purpose.

Ring Gasket Material Maximum Hardness for Ring Gaskets
Brinell Rockwell “B” Scale
Type 410 170 86

Are PTFE gaskets reusable?

PTFE’s nature as an inelastic material means that reuse or multiple installations of the same seal will not be possible. Unlike rubber compounds, PTFE will not return to it’s original shape and cross-section once deformed during installation and use.

What is a graphite gasket used for?

Graphite is generally used in high temperature and high pressure environments and commonly finds applications in steam cycling or exhaust applications. These gaskets provide a higher performance seal in these conditions than non-asbestos jointing.

How do you store material gasket?

Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, water, oil and chemicals. Rubber sheets used for gaskets should be stored horizontally and when they are on rolls – vertically to avoid tensions and permanent warpage. Avoid hanging gaskets – they may distort.

Can you reuse graphite gaskets?

IF and only IF you can replace the same gasket in the exact same spot, you can re-use them.

Can I reuse a EGR gasket?

(“Once you break the seal, you will never achieve the same level of performance!”) As a trusted gasket material supplier, our recommendation is that you never reuse a gasket.

Can you reuse Garlock gaskets?

We are frequently asked about reusing gaskets. We do not recommend this practice. A gasket’s function is to conform to flange high and low spots when compressed, and its ability to reseal decreases after it is compressed.

Does PTFE have a shelf life?

When stored in normal warehouse conditions, all PTFE and Rulon materials have an unlimited shelf life. In fact, a common industry joke is that, at 85 years and counting, PTFE has “not been around long enough” to determine how long it will last!

What is graphite gasket made of?

Flexible graphite gaskets reinforced with a 316 stainless steel foil (0.002” thick) made from material typically 98% graphite. Leachable chloride typically less than 50 ppm. Sulfur content: 1200 ppm. Compressibility: 35%.

What is the purpose of using a graphite coating on a cylinder head gasket?

Graphite Gaskets Gaskets with a graphite core dissipate heat, preventing gasket burnout. They have excellent compressibility, can withstand high temperatures, and won’t creep, cold-flow, or become brittle. Graphite coatings allow for gasket movement without damage.

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