What is a good breed to mix with a Basset Hound?

The 18 Popular Basset Hound Mixes

  • Bassador (Basset Hound x Labrador Retriever Mix)
  • Baskimo (American Eskimo x Basset Hound Mix)
  • Rottie Basset (Basset Hound x Rottweiler Mix)
  • Bassugg (Basset Hound x Pug Mix)
  • 5. Rat Basset.
  • Lha-Basset.
  • Bassetoodle.
  • Basset Heeler.

Is there such a thing as a miniature Basset Hound?

The miniature Basset Hound is a very desirable dog. Those floppy ears and expressive eyes make this breed unmistakable. These dogs are known for their calm, steady nature. If you’re a potential dog owner who likes the Basset Hound but wants a smaller dog, this is a clear winner.

What is the best Chihuahua cross breed?

Chihuahua Mix Breeds

  • Pomchi (Chihuahua and Pomeranian)
  • Chi-Poo (Chihuahua and Toy Poodle)
  • Malchi (Chihuahua and Maltese)
  • Labrahuahua (Chihuahua and Labrador)
  • Jack Chi (Chihuahua and Jack Russell)
  • Cheagle (Chihuahua and Beagle)
  • Chi-Spaniel (Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel)
  • Boston Huahua (Chihuahua and Boston Terrier)

How big does a Chihuahua hound mix get?

That said, as a mix between Chihuahua and Dachshund parents, you can expect Chiweenies to be on the small side. Most weigh in at five to twelve pounds and range in height from six to ten inches at the shoulder. That said, many can be smaller or larger.

What breed is a Bascottie?

The Bascottie is a hybrid mix of the Basset Hound and the Scottish Terrier. The hybrid is a modern breed and does not have a history outside of its parent breeds. Most of the character and physical traits mirror the Scottish Terrier, whose roots extend far back in history.

How much is a Basset Hound dog?

$450 to $1,500
Basset Hounds are a popular breed, but they aren’t overly expensive. Good breeders list their Basset Hounds anywhere from $450 to $1,500. This price changes depending on the breeder, the bloodline, and where you live.

Do all basset Hounds stink?

Basset Hounds smell bad because they are low to the ground and their fur gets dirty very easily. Plus, their saliva, food, and sweat get trapped in their skin folds which produces a body odor over time. On top of that, each dog has that doggie odor due to the genetic makeup of a dog.

Do Chiweenies bark alot?

These dogs tend to be a little aggressive and make noise, and they bark every time they feel threatened – and this can happen often when you’re that small. However cases of excessive barking are rare among dogs from this crossbreed, and they usually occur if the dog spends too much time alone.

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