Where are Iseki mowers made?

Made in Japan and founded in 1926, ISEKI has led the world in the development and manufacturing of agricultural and horticultural machinery. Exceeding the customers’ expectations is an essential part of the ISEKI ethos, priding itself on developing a range of quality compact tractors and mowers.

Where are Iseki tractors made?

Since 1961, Iseki tractors have been produced by the Iseki & Co., Ltd. It is a company with its headquarters and production facilities in Tokyo and Matsuyama, Japan. With Kubota, Mahindra Mitsubishi, and Yanmar, Iseki is one of Japan’s biggest tractor market shareholders.

What is Iseki tractor?

ISEKI TJV tractors are professional machines for multi-purpose. Their high performance, reliability and extraordinary operating comfort make ISEKI tractors the right choice for the professional. The robust 4-cylinder common rail engine provides its best under heavy load.

Who owns Iseki?

(井関農機株式会社, Iseki Nōki Kabushiki-Gaisha), based in Matsuyama and Tokyo, Japan, is the third largest Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturing company….Iseki.

Iseki’s Tokyo headquarters
Industry Agricultural machinery
Founded August 1926
Headquarters Matsuyama, Ehime, 799-2692 Arakawa, Tokyo (Tokyo headquarters), Japan

Who makes Iseki tractor engines?

The third largest Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturer is Iseki N*ki Kabushiki-Gaisha, based in Matsuyama and Tokyo, Japan. In addition to tractors, combine harvesters, rice transplanters, riding mowers, zero-turn mowers, tillers, components, and diesel engines, it also manufactures rice transplants.

What engines do Iseki use?

AT series have an extraordinarily efficient 3- or 4-cylinders water-cooled diesel engine. All engines generate strong power for any applications. Thanks to flip-up engine bonnet, operator can reach engine room easily for daily maintenance.

Does AGCO own Iseki?

ISEKI Make It Easy. Backed by the strength of AGCO Australia’s global parts and service network, Iseki tractors and mowers make the choice easy.

Are Iseki diesel engines good?

“The rugged Iseki diesel engines provide significant advantages,” said Ratliff. “They deliver outstanding fuel efficiency, tremendous power, torque and reliability. Plus, they are easy to service and maintain.”

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