What country songs have a harmonica in it?

Country & Bluegrass Harmonica Tabs

  • Ghost Riders in the Sky. Johnny Cash.
  • Hurt. Johnny Cash.
  • I Walk the Line. Johnny Cash.
  • Man With A Harmonica. Ennio Morricone.
  • Midnight Cowboy. Toots Thielemans.
  • Rawhide TV theme. Ned Washington – Dimitri Tiomkin.
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads. John Denver.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Are harmonicas used in country music?

Discover the world of country harmonica In the 1940-50s Lonnie Glosson recorded with many artists and his style was very melodic and an extension of what singers would do. In the 1960s a young player from Florida named Charlie McCoy went to Nashville to become the new sensation of country harmonica.

What country singer plays harmonica?

With his harmonica and other instruments Nashville studio legend Charlie McCoy has graced the recordings of a broad range of artists from Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan to Waylon Jennings and Loretta Lynn.

What harmonica is best for country?

The Special 20 is the most recommended go-to harp for harmonica players of any style, including blues, country, folk, or rock. The Special 20 delivers the coveted Marine Band sound and offers the added benefits of its plastic comb, which doesn’t absorb moisture.

What key harmonica did John Lennon use?

In his article Little Child: The Harmonica in Beatle Music, Greg Panfile suggests that Lennon used a chromatic in the key of G. Well, it is possible to play both riffs on a G chromatic – of course, it is possible to play these notes on a chromatic tuned in any key.

What harmonica is used for Midnight Cowboy?

C harmonica
In today’s harmonica lesson you’ll learn to play the theme to the movie Midnight Cowboy on a C harmonica (You can follow the tab with a harmonica in the key of C or any other key.) This theme was originally played by Toots Thielemans on chromatic harmonica, but I have adapted it to play on 10 hole diatonic.

What key is Midnight Cowboy harmonica?

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How old is Charlie McCoy?

81 years (March 28, 1941)Charlie McCoy / Age

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