How much does a trek Emonda SLR weight?


Price GBP £9700.00
Weight 6.92g (58cm) – 58cm
Year 2021
Brand Trek

How much does a trek Emonda weight?

Our ultralight and aerodynamic 800 Series OCLV Carbon frame and fork that weigh under 700 grams.

Is the trek Emonda heavy?

Simply, it’s a matter of weight. An unpainted 56 cm Emonda SLR frame has a claimed weight of 698 g, while the matching fork adds 365 g.

How much does the trek Emonda SLR 9 weight?

The frame was a mere 690g and the top-of-the-line SLR 10 came in at a staggeringly low 4.6kg, meaning the Émonda could rightfully claim to be the lightest production bike in the world….Spec.

Frame Trek Émonda SLR 9 eTap
Wheels Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37, Bontrager R4 25mm tyres
Weight 6.82kg

Is the Trek Emonda uncomfortable?

The original Emonda could hardly be described as an uncomfortable bike, but Trek says that in its development it has not only saved weight and increased stiffness, it has made the frame more compliant. Wider tyres will help eke out more comfort as well, and the new Emondo will take 28mm tyres.

Is the trek Emonda uncomfortable?

How much is a trek Emonda?

There are 10 models of the new Émonda. SL models start at $2,699 and are priced up to $5,999. SLR models start at $6,699 and go up to $11,999.

How much does a Cervelo R5 weight?

The full five stars for the new R5. This is a remarkable race bike with supremely balanced handling that excels in every area – going up, coming down and even on the flat despite it not being a dedicated aero bike….Value and conclusion.

Cervélo R5
Weight 7.4kg

What does Emonda mean?

Emonda: It’s A French Word, But in English It Means A New, Light, Stiff Line Of Bikes From The Minds At Trek.

Where are Trek Emonda bikes made?

High-end models such as the Emonda are produced in the US. The Emonda series is what professional racers use. Trek claims that Emonda is the lightest bike ever. herefore, the majority of Trek’s domestic manufacturing happens in Waterloo.

Is the Trek Emonda good for long distance?

– You ride long distance. Though, keep in mind that you can still use Emonda and Madone for long distance rides as most people do. Domane is just on a different level in terms of comfort. – You want a bike that is comfortable and can handle rough terrain like gravel roads or even trails.

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