What is the best time of year to go to Cape York?

The dry season, between May and October, is the best time to enjoy Cape York Peninsula. From May to July, maximum temperatures are around 30°C. As the season progresses, the days become hotter and more humid. The peninsula is busiest between June and September, during the ‘cooler’ weather.

Can you do Cape York on your own?

Yes. There is a lot of free Cape York camping to be had. If you are self-sufficient there is no need to pay for camping once you get above Cooktown.

Do you need a 4wd to go to Cape York?

It is important to have a properly equipped 4WD for this adventurous route but most travellers to the Cape will take the OTL north then return by the bypass roads. Driving north you will need to negotiate several creek crossings, some of which have challenging entry and exit points.

Do I need a snorkel for Cape York?

In terms of 4×4 accessories, the first thing on your list to prepare your vehicle must be a snorkel, considering Cape York is home to some of the deepest and most treacherous creek crossings in Australia.

Can you take alcohol to Cape York?

The maximum amount of alcohol that can be carried per vehicle is: 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 30 can carton of any strength beer, or 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 24 can carton of premixed spirits of up to 5.5% alcohol/volume. It is an offence to drink in a public place.

Can I take dog to Cape York?

Can you take your dog to Cape York? Yes dogs can go to Cape York! I have had my co-pilot pooch working and travelling with me for years now. It might be tricky on holiday however, as you must abide by National Park laws, which don’t allow dogs in National Parks.

Can you swim at the tip of Cape York?

Two of Cape York’s best wild swimming spots are in Jardine River National Park, at the base of the area known simply as The Tip. The delightfully refreshing Fruit Bat and Eliot Falls are both crocodile-free and nothing beats cooling off beneath a waterfall after a long, hot, dusty drive.

Can you drive across the Jardine River?

Getting there and getting around. The parks are located in the remote north of Cape York Peninsula and the roads are accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles only. From Cairns, drive north-west to the Peninsula Developmental Road, the main road to Cape York Peninsula.

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