Which UK city is most ethnically diverse?

The data shows that: the most ethnically diverse region was London, where 40.2% of residents identified as belonging to either the Asian, Black, Mixed or Other ethnic group.

Which part of England is the most diverse?

Across the English regions and Wales, London was the most ethnically diverse area, with the highest proportion of minority ethnic groups and the lowest proportion of the White ethnic group at 59.8 per cent, in 2011. The West Midlands was the second most diverse with White ethnic group at 79.2 per cent.

What is the whitest part of the UK?

That figure is highest in Wales and the North east of England – the whitest borough is Blanaeu Gwent in Wales, where 96.5% of the population is white British, followed by Copeland in Cumbria, where only 2% of the population are not white.

What city is the most multicultural UK?

Leicester proudly holds the title of being one of the most multicultural cities in the UK. Now its history is set to be celebrated as part of a national festival next year hosted by the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) London.

Which UK city is the least ethnically diverse?

Two months ago, Easington secured another dubious accolade when the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed it was the least ethnically diverse place in Britain: there was less chance of two randomly selected people belonging to different ethnic groups in Easington than anywhere else in the country.

Where in the UK has the most Asians?

More than 95% of British Asians live in England, with the largest numbers continuing to be in london with over 980,000 residents, and then the West Midlands with almost 500,000.

Which cities in the UK are the most diverse?

If you were asked what the most ethnically diverse city in Britain was, you might say London, and the capital certainly is a melting pot of cultures from every corner of the globe, but you would be wrong. The UK’s second city, Birmingham, holds the accolade for being the most diverse city in Britain.

What is the poshest city in England?

1. Winchester. That’s right: Winchester is the number one most expensive place to live in the UK. House price averages are at a gigantic £630,432.

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