How high should a bench seat on a deck be?

Bench seats should be about 18 inches above the decking and 15-30 inches deep. Built-in perimeter benches help define the edge of a deck in addition to increasing the seating. For continuous seating, cut enough supports to install one every 4-5 feet.

What can I use instead of a deck railing?

Consider stainless-steel cables, metal tubes, or composite railings if you’re looking for low-maintenance alternative to wood balusters and railings for your deck.

Can you use decking to make a bench?

For your bench construction project, you will need decking boards. You can use either a wooden board or composite decking to make a bench.

How long is a 3 person bench?

Most benches range in length from 42” to 60”. A dining bench that measures 42” to 52” will seat two adults or three kids nicely. Benches 53” to 83” can seat three adults. The space between table legs is also an important measurement, especially if you want to tuck your dining bench neatly under the table.

How wide is a deck bench seat?

The ideal width of the actual seat also seems be 16”. Although don’t panic too much if the arrangement of boards you selected results in a width slightly wider or narrower. Just keep the 16” number in mind.

How tall should deck railing be?

Deck Railing Height & Spacing Requirements For single-family homes: The IRC requires guardrails to be at least 36″ in height measured from the deck surface to the top of the rail. California is the one exception. The requirement there is 42″.

What is the average size of an outdoor bench?

Outdoor Bench Dimensions That typically comes with a height between 18 to 20 inches, width or depth of about 12 to 15 inches, and a length that runs about 45 inches. This is the standard outdoor bench, but ultimately, it will stem from what the homeowners need.

How many people can fit on a 4ft bench?

four people
Designed to sit up to four people, the Run 4-Seat bench is a simple take on a bench that has meticulous attention to detail on the materials it uses. No visible joints or connections are seen on the bench making it a beautiful piece of furniture within a dining or resting space.

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