What type of alarm is Risco?

Risco Agility 4 and WiComm Pro are smart wireless alarm systems that allow you to monitor your home via smartphone app. Both systems are equipped with a sleek, two-way wireless LCD keypad with integrated proximity reader for arming or disarming.

How do I reset my Risco alarm?

Take cover off the panel cover. There is a button either side of the cover at the top – depress these and flip the lid downwards. 3. Disconnect the large Battery inside for 20 seconds – you only need do this on one of the terminals.

How do I change my Risco alarm password?

To change the password: 1. On the Menu Bar, click Settings. 2. Click Change Password.

How does Risco alarm work?

The Technology Your SmartAlarm is connected to your wireless router which communicates with the RISCO Cloud. The app on your smartphone or tablet is also connected to the RISCO cloud. When the alarm triggers your SmartAlarm sends the event to the cloud which sends it to the app on your smartphone or tablet.

How do I find my Risco panel ID?

When connecting the new panel, find its panel ID (which appears on the white sticker) and follow the self registration process by using the link below https://www.riscocloud.com .

Why does my burglar alarm keep beeping?

Check your batteries. Most systems continuously beep to alert you that batteries need to be changed. This is true for both security panels and detectors. Go through your home, and test all batteries associated with your security system using a battery tester.

Is Risco cloud free?

RISCO Cloud was provided free of charge to installers and end users for many years, despite the high cost of development and maintenance of the platform. RISCO Group always emphasised in the terms and conditions of the Cloud and the App, that fees may at some point in the future be applied for using the Cloud services.

What is FreeControl app?

FreeControl enables you to remotely monitor and control your security System from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. With FreeControl you can arm/disarm your system, receive intruder alarms together with event images for visual verification of alarms, view streaming video from IP cameras on demand and more.

What is free control web?

FreeControl enables you to remotely monitor and control your security System from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

What is free control app?

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