What were popular hairstyles for men in the 1970s?

18 Most Popular 70s Men’s Hairstyles

  1. The Afro.
  2. Shoulder Length Hairstyle.
  3. Long and Natural.
  4. River Phoenix AZ’s Extended Textured Hairstyle.
  5. Side-Combed Hairstyle.
  6. The Classic Mullet.
  7. Greaser Haircut.
  8. Mustaches.

What haircut was popular in the 70S?

The Shag If you are looking for inspirations for hairstyles form the 70’s, look no further than with Jane Fonda. The Shag happens to be the hairstyle that works for both men and women. The way David Cassidy sported this hairstyle made him an iconic heartthrob back in the day.

Why did men grow their hair in the 70S?

Longer hair in general remained popular due to the youth rebellion throughout the liberal decade of the 1960s. The long hair trend grew with the spread of the hippie movement in the 1960s and, in the 1970s, longer hair styles would become the norm among men and women.

What was the Beatle haircut?

In their early years as a fledgling rock and roll band in the late 1950s and into the early 1960s, The Beatles each sported typical slicked-back, greased-up Tony Curtis/Elvis Presley type D.A. haircuts.

How did people in the 70s do their hair?

The Mullet/Longer/facial hair During the freeing 1970’s hairstyles for men became longer, sideburns, ponytails and Afros. Mullets were just another stylish way to wear their new longer locks. Beards and mustaches became very popular during this time as well. It was a time to let loose.

How did people style their hair in the 1970s?

Flicks could go all the way around the bottom of shorter hair, creating a circle of volume. The crown and top of the hair were left straight. Flicks and wings were created with the new breed of heated styling tools, as well as rollers and tongs. Some women opted for a perm to create a curl, which was easy to flick out.

Did men get perms in the 70s?

Initially, it was a strong political statement and recognition of black pride. By the early 1970s, the Afro was becoming mainstream and fashionable. Its popularity grew so much that it was fashionable for white men to get their hair permed to create a mass of tight curls.

Why did the Beatles grow long hair?

“I cut it as they had it.” As the Beatles hair grew, so did society’s, and it all seemed to be part of a revolt against conformity and an awakening of individuality. Long hair marked you as a member of the counter-culture in the ’60s. Yet, the Beatles had other things on their minds besides their hair, Cavendish said.

Why did John Lennon cut his hair?

On 4 February 1970 Lennon and Ono swapped the hair for a pair of Muhammad Ali’s bloodstained boxing shorts, which they said they intended to auction to raise money for peace.

Was straight hair popular in the 70s?

Straight and Sleek Born from the hippie movement, long, straight hair became highly fashionable during the ’70s.

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