How many readers does The Hollywood Reporter have?

FOLKENFLIK: The Hollywood Reporter has an affluent niche print readership, just 72,000 subscribers including influential players. It has a much bigger digital footprint, 15 million people monthly.

What kind of publication is Hollywood Reporter?

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) is an American digital and print magazine, and website, which focuses on the Hollywood film, television, and entertainment industries. It was founded in 1930 as a daily trade paper, and in 2010 switched to a weekly large-format print magazine with a revamped website.

Who is Hollywood Reporter owned by?

. Penske
In 2020 Mr. Penske bought 80 percent of The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and Vibe. Last year he made his move on South by Southwest, becoming a majority shareholder in the annual tech, film and music festival, which had run into money troubles because of the pandemic.

How do I submit to The Hollywood Reporter?


  1. Editorial email
  2. Advertising (323) 525-2013.
  3. Advertising Email

Who is the editor of the Hollywood Reporter?

In his new role, Couch will oversee a dynamic team of film writers producing exclusive news, insightful analysis, investigative pieces, business insights and features for THR.

Is the Hollywood Reporter free?

Sign up for a free preview subscription of the new all-digital edition of The Hollywood Reporter daily. Sign up for a free preview subscription of the new all-digital edition of The Hollywood Reporter daily.

Is the Hollywood Reporter a daily?

A daily brief about what matters and what’s interesting in Hollywood.

Who owns Penske Media Corporation?

Jay Penske
Jay Penske is an entrepreneur and media executive based in Los Angeles and New York. He is the Chairman and CEO of Penske Media Corporation as well as the owner of Dragon Racing. Previously he was Co-Founder and Chairman of Firefly Mobile Inc., and he owns an antiquarian bookstore:

Who is variety owned by?

Penske Media Corporation
Variety is an American media company owned by Penske Media Corporation. The company was founded by Sime Silverman in New York City in 1905 as a weekly newspaper reporting on theater and vaudeville.

How do I cancel my Hollywood Reporter subscription?

I’d like to cancel my Hollywood Reporter subscription. Can you help me? Please contact the The Hollywood Reporter Customer Service team directly at

Is the Hollywood Reporter a trade publication?

The Hollywood Reporter, redesigned as a glossy magazine to better compete with blogs. The Reporter wants to transform the way it does business but also change the model that has allowed the Hollywood trade publications to exist for nearly a century.

Does the Hollywood Reporter have an app?

No. There is no app required to view your digital editions.

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