Is the overseers Guardian an automatic weapon?

The Overseer’s Guardian is sold as either a short or long-barreled combat rifle….Weapon modifications.

Mod Powerful automatic receiver
Perk(s) required Gun Nut: 4

Is the radium rifle automatic?

The radium rifle is a pre-War carbine that has been modified to deal radiation damage….Weapon modifications.

Mod Automatic receiver
Weapon prefix Automatic

Is Decembers child a shotgun?

Characteristics. December’s Child is a unique combat rifle.

Where can I buy Decembers kids?

Players will find December’s Child at the Vim! Pop factory in Far Harbor. It’s most easily obtained by doing a quest called Best Left Forgotten. After you snag DiMA’s Memory #5 and exit the Nucleus, you will be asked to head to the Vim!

How good is the overseer’s guardian?

Why the Overseer’s Guardian is the Best Weapon in Fallout 4 The main reason this might be the best weapon in the game comes down to availability and versatility. It’s an easy gun to find given that getting into Vault 81 doesn’t require you to kill any crazy creatures, only that you find three Power Cores.

Does overseer’s Guardian do double damage?

From what I can gather, the base damage of the Overseer’s Guardian is 55. So in your case, it should be 140+55 to get you 195 damage total or 97.5 damage for each bullet. But note that even though it shoots two bullets, defenses are only applied once, so you do not have doubled defenses with the Two Shot effect.

How good is the radium rifle?

Best suited for PVP combat, due to the lack of innate radiation resistance among other players, the radium rifle is a decent weapon comparable to the combat rifle in versatility, were it not for the radiation damage, which will actually heal targets immune to radiation damage.

How much damage does the overseer’s Guardian do?

With rifleman it is getting about 160 damage. It is much more powerful than any non legendary bolt action you can get.

Is overseer’s Guardian overpowered?

The Overseer’s rifle is overpowered because the Two-Shot effect is overpowered. The Deliverer is also OP, but that’s because you can fire like 15 shots in VATS with it. Also, Bethesda isn’t Valve.

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