What is Pinhooking in horses?

In terms of thoroughbred auctions, pinhooking yearlings describes the practice of buying yearling horses at auction or privately, overseeing their breaking and training, and eventually re-selling them as race-ready two-year-olds in training. The same practice can be done with weanlings to resell as yearlings.

What does Pinhooked mean?

* Pinhooking / ‘pinhĘŠkin. To buy a commodity, originally tobacco, with the expectation of selling it later for a profit. The term is an old Kentucky tobacco term used when a speculator would buy a farmer’s young plants and later identify them with a pinned note at market.

What is a short yearling horse?

The term weanling describes a young horse, not yet one year old, that has been separated from its mother.

How old is a yearling horse?

1 and 2 years old
A yearling is a colt or filly (a young horse) between the ages of 1 and 2 years old, and as they approach their second birthday, they may also be referred to as “long yearlings.” These horses aren’t foals anymore, but they haven’t quite reached adolescence yet.

How much do yearling horses cost?

The cost of racehorses varies greatly depending on their pedigree and conformation. The average sales price of a racehorse is $76,612. The average price for a two-year-old thoroughbred in training is $94,247, and the average cost for a yearling is $84,722.

Can yearling horses breed?

Horses can be capable of breeding from 18 months old, but domesticated horses are usually allowed to mature to at least three years old before breeding.

How do you get a yearling horse?

Tips for Buying a Yearling

  1. Appearance: First and foremost, give the horse a look over.
  2. Movement: Make sure to study the horse’s movement, preferably in person.
  3. Temperament: Though still young, you should be able to get an idea on the yearling’s willingness and work ethic.

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