What is considered West Des Moines?

West Des Moines is a city in Polk, Dallas, Warren, and Madison counties in the U.S. state of Iowa. A majority of the city is located in Polk County, a minority of the city is located in Dallas County, and small portions extend into Warren and Madison counties….

West Des Moines, Iowa
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Is West Des Moines separate from Des Moines?

The Des Moines metropolitan area, officially known as the Des Moines–West Des Moines, IA Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is located at the confluence of the Des Moines River and the Raccoon River.

Is West Des Moines the same as Des Moines?

West Des Moines, city and suburb of Des Moines (which lies immediately to the east), Polk county, central Iowa, U.S. The area was settled in the 1840s and became an important rail junction in the 1850s called Valley Junction.

How far is it from West Des Moines to Iowa City?

120 miles
Driving distance from West Des Moines to Iowa City is 120 miles one-way.

What county is West Des Moines?

Dallas County is located in central Iowa, just west of Des Moines. With a population of 66,135 people, (as of the 2010 census) it is the fastest growing county in Iowa.

Is West Des Moines a good place to live?

Good jobs just a short commute away, affordable home prices and great shopping are just some of the reasons Money magazine has included West Des Moines on their “Best Places to Live 2016” list.

What airport do you fly into for Iowa City?

Cedar Rapids
What airports are near Iowa City? The closest airport is Cedar Rapids (CID) (18.01 mi). Other nearby airports are Moline Quad-City (MLI) (54.89 mi), Burlington (BRL) (64.16 mi), Dubuque (DBQ) (66.3 mi) or Waterloo (ALO) (76.22 mi). KAYAK recommends you fly to Cedar Rapids.

What food is Des Moines known for?

One of the most famous Des Moines dishes is Steak de Burgo. Iowa’s corn-fed beef is the best around, and our capital’s Italian steakhouses make the best versions of this traditional dinner.

Is West Des Moines Nice?

While being very close to the Jordan Creek Mall, lots of restaurants, fun activities, large retail stores, hotels and much more, West Des Moines is an amazing city. With short commute times and amazing people, West Des Moines is an excellent place to live or just to visit!

What is closest major airport to Iowa City Iowa?

What is the nearest airport to Iowa City? The nearest airport to Iowa City is Cedar Rapids (CID) Airport which is 18.1 miles away. Other nearby airports include Moline (MLI) (55.2 miles), Burlington (BRL) (64.8 miles), Des Moines (DSM) (110.4 miles) and Peoria (PIA) (118.5 miles).

Does Iowa City have a commercial airport?

Iowa City Municipal Airport (IATA: IOW, ICAO: KIOW, FAA LID: IOW), is two miles southwest of downtown Iowa City, in Johnson County, Iowa.

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