How much does a Super Air Nautique cost?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $292,711 (starting)
LOA: 25′0″
Beam: 8′6″
Draft: 2′3″
Displacement: 5,900 lb.

How fast does a Super Air Nautique go?

In the recreational mode (with no ballasts), the Super Air G25 is a motorboat which seems to offer the same performances of a racing kart. Fast and reactive, she reaches the maximum speed ( 35 knots) in less than 25 seconds.

Can Nautique boats go on the ocean?

The Nautique Coastal Edition includes a wide array of saltwater-resistant features to withstand saltwater use. Stainless steel gas shocks, a sealed steering cable inside a stainless-steel steering tube, zinc sacrificial anodes and anodized aluminum structural components make these boats extra durable.

Who owns Super Air Nautique?

Correct Craft
Correct Craft is the oldest family-owned and operated boat manufacturer in the world. Correct Craft owns Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk and Bryant boat companies, Pleasurecraft Engine Group, Parker boats and Aktion Parks.

What is a Super Air Nautique?

Optimized for large crews that desire unwavering performance, the Super Air Nautique G25 is the largest offering in the Nautique line up. With room for up to 19 people, the G25 has a ton of space for family, friends and gear and also produces some of the best wakesurf waves and wakeboard wakes in the industry.

How many gallons of gas does a Super Air Nautique hold?


Length Overall 23′ 7.01 m
Beam 8′ 6” 2.59 m
Dry Weight 7,200 lbs. 3,266 kg
Draft 30.5″ .77 m
Fuel Capacity 65 gal. 246 L

Can you take a wake boat in the ocean?

Yes. You can bring your wakeboard boat in the ocean and enjoy large wakes, more buoyancy, and sport in a less crowded area. Your small boat can go in the ocean as long as the waves are not huge, the weather is calm, and the boat has the needed safety features.

Where are Nautique boats built?

Central Florida
Nautique celebrates 80 years of unparalleled quality and innovation in the marine industry. Construction begins on Nautique’s 217,000 square-foot manufacturing plant, located on the outskirts of Central Florida.

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