What is SAP InfoSet?

InfoSets are InfoProviders that allow you to analyze data in several InfoProviders by using combinations of master data-bearing characteristics, InfoCubes, and DataStore objects. The system uses joins to bring together information from the tables of the relevant InfoProviders.

What is SAP BW MultiProvider?

Advertisements. A MultiProvider is known as an InfoProvider that allows you to combine data from multiple InfoProviders and makes it available for reporting purposes.

What is difference between composite provider and MultiProvider?

The multiproivder seems to perform select from all the individual infoproviders parallelly whereas the composite provider seems to cluster these 20 infoproviders into 4 parallel processes as shown in the access counter field.

What is InfoSet SAP HR?

InfoSet Query is used in HR to create reports to meet requirements that are not satisfied by standard reports. By selecting selection fields and output fields, you can access data stored anywhere within the Human Resources System. You do not require programming skills to create reports using the InfoSet query.

What is the difference between Multiprovider and Infoset?

1) A Multiprovider can be built on basic InfoCubes, ODSs, info objects or Infosets. An Infoset can have only ODSs or info objects. Multiproviders use ‘union’ operation but Infosets use ‘join’. Both the objects are logical definitions which don’t store any data.

How do I edit Infoset description?

1 Answer

  1. Go to Transaction SQ02.
  2. Enter your Infoset.
  3. Hit the “Change” button.
  4. Double-click on the field you want to change.
  5. In the Field label box change the Long text and the Header.
  6. Hit the “Copy” button.
  7. Save and Generate the Infoset.

What is the difference between InfoCube and DSO?

The main difference between the DSO Object and the PSA and InfoCube is that the DSO Object allows existing data to be changed. Whereas an InfoCube principally allows inserts, and only allows deletion on the basis of requests, data in an DSO Object can be changed during the staging process.

What is PSA in BW?

The Persistent Staging Area (PSA) is the inbound storage area in BW for data from the source systems. The requested data is saved, unchanged from the source system.

What is LSA and LSA ++?

LSA/LSA++ is the SAP’s term for (Layered Scalable Architecture) emphasizes SAP’s EDW Best Practice Design. The Goal is to create a structured system that is both Scalable and Flexible. LSA helps ensure that changes can be easily added to the BW structure as the system grows with the Organization.

How do I edit InfoSet description?

How do I create an InfoSet in SAP HR?

To set up an InfoSet for the HR application, proceed as follows:

  1. On the initial screen for maintaining InfoSets, enter a name for the InfoSet and choose Create.
  2. On the next screen, enter a name for the InfoSet and select one of the HR logical databases in accordance with your reporting requirements.
  3. Choose .

What are the types of InfoProviders?

InfoProvider Types

  • Standard.
  • Write-optimized.
  • DataStore objects for direct update.
  • Semantically partitioned.
  • Creating DataStore Objects (advanced)

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