How do you unlock record in approval process in Salesforce?

Approval namespace to lock and unlock records by passing in record IDs or sObjects. But this will work only we enabled below settings in our salesforce org. go to Setup | Search Automation Settings in the Quick Find box | click on Automation Settings. Then, select Enable record locking and unlocking in Apex.

How do you lock periods in Fccs?

You can close or lock one or more periods at the same time….To lock one or more periods:

  1. From Home, select Application, and then Periods.
  2. Select one or more periods.
  3. Use the Set Status drop down list, and then select Locked.

How do you unlock a field in Salesforce?

If you are a System Admin or have access to object layout then click on setting icon on field which looks locked and then remove uncheck required checkbox from it.

How many ways we can lock a record in Salesforce?

There are 7 ways to lock a record using UI and coding. There is no “best” approach among these 7 ways, each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Is there a way to lock a record in Salesforce?

Using Record Type & Page Layouts: Create two different record types say “Open” & “Locked” and change the record type of the record using workflow field update or trigger. And then create a separate page layout for the “Locked” record type with all fields marked as ‘Read-Only’.

How do you unlock a Lightning record?

In the Classic interface there is an “Unlock Record” button for records that go through an approval process but this button is not available in Lightning. Please add this functionality as soon as possible so admins don’t have to go back and forth between interfaces.

Who can edit locked records in Salesforce?

Administrators OR… Lets the assigned approver and admins edit the record. Even when a campaign is locked for approval, users can add campaign members to it.

What is locking in Salesforce?

So when someone “asks” Salesforce to update a record, Salesforce first locks the record so no one else can update it until the lock is released. If someone tries to (asks for an) update the record while it’s locked, Salesforce will try up to 10 times to obtain a record lock, before giving up, and throwing an error.

What is granular locking in Salesforce?

By default, the Lightning Platform platform locks the entire group membership table to protect data integrity when Salesforce makes changes to roles and groups. This locking makes it impossible to process group changes in multiple threads to increase throughput on updates.

How do you unlock a user in Salesforce lightning?

Unlocking a user

  1. Navigate to Setup | Administer | Manage Users | Users.
  2. Navigate to the User page.
  3. Click on Unlock to unlock the user as shown in the preceding screenshot.
  4. Now reset the password to send a new password to the user and Salesforce will send an e-mail notification to the user’s e-mail address.

What is record locking in Salesforce?

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