Are Legend Boats still being made?

After more than 15 years in the market, production of new Legend boats has been halted as White River Marine Group focuses its resources on a consolidated group of high-demand performance fishing boat brands. White River Marine Group stands behind Legend boats in operation with warranty, parts and service support.

Why did Legend stop making boats?

The manufacturer that made Legend boats in the US has sold out to White River Marine Group, and the line has been discontinued. While you can still easily find a used Legend boat for a reasonable price, the resale value of these boats may go down over time due to the lack of an obvious warranty and service provider.

Can a Legend boat sink?

A stronger, quieter and safer boat. If filled with water, the boat will not flip or sink, even when loaded to capacity.

Who bought Legend Boats?

Legend Boats Sells to Johnny Morris.

Where are Legend Boats built?

Legend boats, incidentally, are manufactured in plants in northern Indiana and southern Michigan and shipped to the Whitefish facility for final assembly. Duhamel & Dewar launched Legend Boats back in 1985 and now makes more than 30 models ranging from traditional to pontoon.

Are Legend Boats welded or riveted?

Legend Boats specializes in welded hulls, which are supposed to be leakproof. This is one factor that attracts many people to buying Legend Boats. Lund boats are made from riveted high-grade aluminum.

Where are legend pontoon boats made?

Duhamel and Dewar – Home of Legend Boats in Whitefish has expanded many times over its 53 year history to our present all-new, state-of-the-art facility in Whitefish, near Sudbury, Ontario.

Who makes Phoenix Boats?

Out of the truck steps tall lanky former high school basketball player, Gary Clouse – known best by most bass anglers as the owner and founder of Phoenix Boats. However, make no mistake, Clouse is a Bassmaster Elite Series angler because of his proven ability to catch bass, not because he owns a popular boat company.

Are Legend Boats made in Canada?

Quality Boats Made in Canada Put your trust in a boat that is built to handle the rugged Canadian climate. For more than 30 years, Legend has been producing safe and affordable boats that are perfect for family fun on the water.

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