Is Line of Duty based on real life cases?

The plot lines and characters are fictitious and do not mirror real events, however, they are inspired by criminal cases that have happened in the UK. There were numerous tips made to police about five suspects from a local gang, but it took officers two weeks before arrests were made.

Is Jo Davidson bent?

Jo told DI Kate Fleming that her dad was a bent copper, but while under interrogation she revealed that her mum was raped and refused to say any more about her ‘dad’. But it turns out that Jo is actually related to crime lord Tommy Hunter in more ways than one and she is a child of incest.

Who were the 4 corrupt in Line of Duty?

The long running H storyline revealed that four corrupt coppers were really part of an undercover crime organisation – DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan (Craig Parkinson), ACC Derek Hilton (Paul Higgins) and Senior Legal Counsel Gill Biggeloe (Polly Walker).

Who is the kid on the bike in Line of Duty?

Gregory Piper
Gregory Piper first starred as the boy on the BMX in season one, returning in season five as a core member of the OCG. In episode two of the ongoing sixth series of Line of Duty we met a new recruit at the Central Police Force: Ryan Pilkington.

Is AC-12 a real thing?

Scotland Yard’s Anti-Corruption Command is the equivalent of Line of Duty’s fictional AC-12, gathering intelligence and running covert operations to investigate suspects within the Met. There’s only one thing they’re interested in, and that’s catching real-life bent coppers.

Who does Joe Davidson’s DNA match?

Tommy Hunter
The fifth episode of Line Of Duty revealed who Jo Davidson’s DNA match is: Tommy Hunter, while the sixth episode revealed how they were related.

Who did Joanne Davidson think was her dad?

uncle Tommy Hunter
Line of Duty season six has come to an end and plenty of mysteries have finally been solved (albeit with a few left tantalisingly open). Among the loose ends tied up is who DCI Jo Davidson had believed her dad was, until the moment she discovered it was in fact her uncle Tommy Hunter.

Is Ted Hastings bent?

Regardless, whatever your thoughts on the finale as a whole, there’s one thing that just about every Line of Duty fan can probably agree on: thank (Mother of) God, Ted is not bent.

Is Hastings bent Line of Duty?

Superintendent Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar It’s always bent coppers this, bent coppers that. But, as we discovered in series 5, he’s not so squeaky clean himself. He wasn’t ‘H’, of course – the show couldn’t survive without him and his silly catchphrases spearheading the bent copper operation.

Who took Ryan Pilkington under their wing?

Episode 6. It transpires that DI Kate Fleming was able to shoot Pilkington before he could pull the trigger, double tapping him in the thoracic cavity and killing him. Acting DSU Joanne Davidson then takes his sidearm.

What does UCO stand for in Line of Duty?

Undercover Operative
AFO – Authorised Firearms Officer. ARV – Armed Response Vehicle. FI – Forensic Investigator. UCO – Undercover Operative. COM – Covert Operations Manager.

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