Why is my LitterMaid blinking red?

– A fast blinking red light (blinks quickly continuously) indicates the Rake is stalled after attempting five times to clear the blockage and is in FAULT mode (see Troubleshooting on page 16 for more details).

Can you use regular litter with LitterMaid?

Can you use any clumping litter with it? This self-cleaning litter box is designed to work with hard-clumping litters. Do not use non-clumping litter, crystal or pearl-like litters.

How much is a LitterMaid?

How Much Does The LitterMaid Cost? At $79.99, the LitterMaid Multi-Cat is one of the cheapest automatic litter boxes on the market. In addition to the cost of the unit, the LitterMaid comes with a couple of recurring expenses. Every few months, you’ll have to replace the disposable receptacles and carbon filters.

How do you hack a LitterMaid?

I cut out the bottom panel of the littermaid waste bin, and insert a large trash bag, securing it to the bin sides with binder clips. I use masking tape or blue painters tape to create seals along the edges and to secure the bin in place. Waste then gets deposited into that big trash bag, inside the drawer.

How do I reset my LitterMaid?

The easiest way to reset your box if the LitterMaid automatic litter box rake is stuck is to turn the power button off for about five seconds and then on again. This will prompt the unit to start a cleaning cycle and will reset the unit if a previous cleaning cycle was interrupted by a power outage.

How do you empty a LitterMaid?

Press in on four corners of lid to secure lid to the waste receptacle, pull the disposable waste receptacle edge free from the tabs holding it in place, lift out and dispose. The sealed disposable waste receptacle allows for safe and easy disposal of waste when it is full.

What is the difference between LitterMaid single cat and multi cat?

They look the same. This Multi-Cat litter box is larger than the LitterMaid Self Cleaning Litter Box, Single Cat. The Multi-Cat litter box measures 27 x 18 x 10 inches and is best for larger cats over 15 pounds or who share a litter box.

What is the difference between LitterMaid single cat and multi-cat?

Where is the reset button on a LitterMaid box?

Locate the reset buttons at the end of the track near the waste receptacle. Some models have one button on one side, while others have one on each side. The buttons are small and white. You should hear a clicking sound when you press them.

Where is the reset button on LitterMaid?

How do you hack a Littermaid?

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