What is an eyebrow on a house?

An eyebrow dormer, also known as a roof eyebrow, is a wavy dormer that protrudes through the slope of a roof. It contains a window that may be fixed or operable.

What is the purpose of an eyebrow roof?

The common function of an eyebrow dormer is to admit light and air to an unfinished attic, so visually it is usually a subtle, secondary feature rarely appearing more than once in a house. Also found in Second Empire and Stick styles.

What is a window eyebrow?

The eyebrow window, or eyebrow dormer as it is often referred to since it is most commonly found in roofs, is a small arched window that projects into the roof to allow light into an upper story.

What is the construction eyebrow?

A flat, normally concrete, projection which protrudes horizontally from a building wall; Eyebrows are generally located above windows.

What is a gabled dormer?

Gabled dormers have a peak at the top and a roof that slopes downward on either side. This is the most common type of dormer. The design works well with a wide array of architectural styles, including Queen Anne Victorian, Tudor and Craftsman.

Are eyebrow windows expensive?

Depending on its size and whether the dormer is being retrofitted or planned as part of a new house, Tom says, an eyebrow can cost upward of $10,000.

What are shed dormers?

Shed dormers are often horizontally proportioned and cover large portions of a roof to open up an attic for more usable space. Like other dormer types, they can either be an extension of the wall below or an object set in the roof.

What’s the difference between gables and dormers?

The main difference between Gable and Dormer is that the Gable is a generally triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a dual-pitched roof and Dormer is a structural element of a building. The Gable ends of newer buildings are treated the same way as the Classic pediment form.

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