What is router advertisement message?

The RADVD (Router Advertisement Daemon) is used for IPv6 auto-configuration and routing. When enabled, messages are sent by the router periodically and in response to solicitations. A host uses the information to learn the prefixes and parameters for the local network.

What enables router ads?

Enabling or disabling router-advertisement (RA) messages enables you to control the routing configuration for selecting the correct network interface to communicate with its neighbors.

What is router advertisement lifetime?

The router-lifetime indicates the maximum time up to which the broadband gateway can be considered the default gateway.

What is the destination address of a router advertisement?

In the IP header of a Router Solicitation message, you will usually see the all-routers multicast address of FF02::2 as a destination address. The hop limit is set to 255. The ICMP Type field is set to 133, which is the value for the Router Solicitation message.

What is RA settings?

What is the difference in Slaac and a DHCP server?

SLAAC automatically works with a router, while Stateless DHCPv6 gives addresses using SLAAC and extra information using DHCP. The only configuration where the server gives IPv6 addresses is the Stateful one.

Where does the router advertisement comes from?

A host receives router advertisements from all routers, building a list of default routers. Routers generate router advertisements frequently enough so that hosts learn of their presence within a few minutes.

What is Duid in DHCPv6?

The Client ID in DHCPv6 consists of two parts: a DHCP Unique Identifier (DUID) and an Identity Association Identifier (IAID). The DUID identifies the client system (rather than just an interface, as in DHCPv4), and the IAID identifies the interface on that system.

What is RA and RS in IPv6?

The local router is tuned into the ff02::2 (all-router’s multicast group address) and will receive the RS message. In response to the RS, the router immediately sends an ICMPv6 (type 134) Routing Advertisement (RA) message to the all nodes on the network (ff02::1, the all nodes multicast group address).

How frequently do routers send unsolicited router advertisement messages?

How frequently do routers send unsolicited Router Advertisement messages? An initial sending of three packets, then at random intervals.

What is neighbor advertisement message?

Neighbor solicitation and advertisement messages enable a node to determine the link-layer address of another node (neighbor) on the same link. (This function is similar to the function provided by the Address Resolution Protocol [ARP] in IPv4.)

What is IPv6 RA Guard?

The IPv6 RA Guard feature provides support for allowing the network administrator to block or reject unwanted or rogue router advertisement (RA) guard messages that arrive at the network device platform.

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