What is STOMP ActiveMQ?

The STOMP protocol (version 1.1 or greater) defines the concept of heart beats as a method by which a client and broker can determine the health of the underlying TCP connection between them. ActiveMQ supports STOMP heart beating provided the client is using version 1.1 (or greater) of the protocol.

What does ActiveMQ stand for?

Apache Active Message Queuing
Apache Active Message Queuing (ActiveMQ) Protocol ActiveMQ is an open source protocol developed by Apache which functions as an implementation of message-oriented middleware (MOM). Its basic function is to send messages between different applications, but includes additional features like STOMP, JMS, and OpenWire.

How do I check ActiveMQ connections?

How can I monitor ActiveMQ

  1. JMX and a JMX console such as jConsole.
  2. The Web Console.
  3. the Advisory Message feature (using JMS messages to monitor the system)
  4. The Command Agent; ActiveMQ.Agent topic that you query for status.
  5. The Visualisation plug-in.
  6. The Statistics plug-in (from 5.3)

What is Artemis ActiveMQ?

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis is an asynchronous messaging system, an example of Message Oriented Middleware , we’ll just call them messaging systems in the remainder of this book.

How does STOMP protocol work?

STOMP is a simple text protocol that is similar to the HTTP convention of an uppercase command such as CONNECT , followed by a list of header key/value pairs, and then optional content, which in the case of STOMP is null-terminated.

What is STOMP over Websocket?

STOMP Over WebSocket provides a straightforward mapping from a STOMP frame to a JavaScript object. Frame Object. Property.

What is ActiveMQ and JMS?

ActiveMQ is a JMS provider. A JMS provider forms the software framework for facilitating the use of JMS concepts inside an application. A single node of ActiveMQ which allows clients to connect to it and use these messaging concepts is called an “ActiveMQ Broker.” So, ActiveMQ is a message broker that implements JMS.

Who is using ActiveMQ?

Companies Currently Using Apache ActiveMQ

Company Name Website Country
Caterpillar Inc. caterpillar.com US
Peraton peraton.com US
Delta Air Lines delta.com US
Intuit intuit.com US

How do I know if ActiveMQ is running on my Mac?

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  1. Download appropriate ActiveMq binary from here.
  2. Unzip your bundle.
  3. Open terminal and, set the terminal path to ActiveMq -> bin.
  4. Write command activemq start.
  5. Open http://localhost:8161/admin to confirm Activemq is up and running. You should have the following console.

What is the difference between ActiveMQ and ActiveMQ Artemis?

Most of the ActiveMQ users are familiar with KahaDB. It consists of a message journal for fast sequential storing of messages (and other command packets) and an index for retrieving messages when needed. Artemis has its own message store. It consists only of the append-only message journal.

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