How much is a Acura NSX 2017?

Our site has almost two used dozen listings for the 2017 Acura NSX. Prices range from $138,000 to $185,000, and the average price is $149,300. That makes it one of the priciest cars in the class. The price you pay depends on the model you choose, as well as its condition, mileage, location, and features.

Is the 2017 NSX reliable?

Most reliable and under appreciated super car Performance 5.0. Value for the money 5.0. Exterior styling 5.0. Reliability 5.0.

Is the 2017 Acura NSX a JDM car?

The first-generation Honda NSX is a proper JDM car. The latest one is a brilliant Japanese car, but it’s not made in Japan. It’s made in Ohio.

How fast is a Acura NSX 2017?

191 miles per hour
With a top speed of 191 miles per hour, the 2017 NSX debuts as one one of the fastest, easy-to-handle vehicles in the supercar class, granting you unprecedented grace and acceleration as you cruise through Chicagoland.

How much horsepower does a 2017 Acura NSX have?

573 hp2017 Acura NSX / Horsepower

Is the Acura NSX worth it?

The Acura NSX is definitely worth a look but not before considering rivals like the Chevrolet Corvette and Porsche 911 . Both offer electrifying engine performance, poised driving dynamics, and top-notch interiors at prices that undercut the costly Acura.

Is the new NSX VTEC?

All four of the NSX’s wheels are driven, be it by electric power or engine power. Instead of VTEC, Honda has three electric motors. Two of these control the front wheels while the third is a direct drive unit sitting between that potent V6 (which makes 500 horsepower alone) and the nine-speed gearbox.

Is owning an Acura expensive?

Cost of Acura Maintenance Acura is a luxury brand, but the cost of the vehicles don’t carry the higher luxury price tag. They are also not expensive to maintain. According to, Acura ranks 11th out of 30 on a list of the most and least expensive cars to maintain.

How much horsepower does a 2018 Acura NSX have?

573 hp2018 Acura NSX / Horsepower

The NSX’s hybrid-electric powertrain combines a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 with three electric motors for maximum totals of 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft of torque.

Does NSX have VTEC?

Everything. It’s been a decade since production of the original NSX ended. Although that car made due with a naturally aspirated 3.0-liter VTEC V-6, the all-new Acura NSX features a bespoke twin-turbo V-6 and three electric motors.

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