Can you use Bondo on wood trim?

To fill wood, you need a product that is specifically designed to bend and flex the way wood does. Just like caulk is too flexible to effectively fill large gaps in wood, Bondo is too stiff to do the same. When Bondo (or any auto body filler) is used to patch wood, it fails in a very short time.

What’s better wood filler or Bondo?

The biggest advantage of using Bondo over a regular wood filler is the short dry time. Wood filler can take hours to dry and require more than one coat. Bondo dries in less than 30 minutes and only requires one coat! This means more projects in less time.

Is Bondo good wood filler?

Bondo All-Purpose Putty/Body Filler It’s actually made for auto body repairs but works great as a wood filler. This product gives more structure and you can rebuild chunked corners and large gouges. It comes in a quart with a cream hardener that you mix together before application.

How long does wood Bondo last?

10 years on they are fine. Maine certainly is a severe climate in terms of temperature variations, so I have to believe that proper preparation is the key to using this product. Doen’t mean there’s anything wrong with the others mentioned above, but cost savings in using Bondo are considerable.

Can I use body filler on wood?

A winner for a variety of wood gluing and other repairs! Auto body filler is an excellent wood filler and adhesive. It sets up quickly, has great adhesive properties. Unlike many softer fillers, it not only fills voids but can be cut, sanded and routed as cleanly as the original wood.

What is the best wood filler for trim?

7 Best Wood Fillers Of 2022 Reviews

  • Bondo Wood Filler. First on our list is the Bondo 200082 Home Solutions Wood Filler.
  • Aqua Coat Wood Grain Filler. Aqua Coat is a low odour water-based wood grain filler.
  • DAP 00585 Latex Wood Filler.
  • Famowood Wood Filler.
  • GoodfIlla Wood & Grain Filler.
  • Minwax Wood Filler.
  • Elmer’s Wood Filler.

Can Bondo wood filler be used without hardener?

No, the wood filler does not harden without adding a hardener. The hardening process happens due to a chemical reaction between the wood filler and the hardener which is also known as the catalyst.

How long does it take Bondo wood filler to dry?

Bondo, however, is not the best wood filler for sanding. The wood filler dries up pretty fast and does not leave enough time for sanding if you are working with multiple holes or flaws. Bondo dries up in a matter of minutes, between 5 to 7 minutes.

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