Why is Caol Ila distillery closed?

The Distillery is currently closed for a renovation project and looks forward to welcoming you on a tour when it reopens. In the meantime, you can book a tour online for the sister Islay distillery, Lagavulin and follow us on Facebook to discover the stories of Caol Ila and updates on the transformation.

How do you pronounce Caol Ila scotch?

Caol Ila. Not “Cowl Isla” as many might guess, but pronounced “Cull eela”. Caol Isla is, similar to Bunnahabhain, based near Port Askaig on the isle of Islay. Its name is Gaelic for “Sound of Isla” and refers to the distillery’s location overlooking the strait between Islay and Jura.

Is Caol Ila peaty?

Most Caol Ila bottled as a single malt lies on the milder end of the peat spectrum (as opposed to heavy-hitters like Ardbeg and Laphroaig), but it’s definitely a fully peated single malt, and uses the same malted barley (from the maltings at Port Ellen) as the 35ppm peated malt used by Lagavulin.

Where is Caol Ila Scotch made?

isle of Islay, Scotland
Caol Ila Distillery (/kʌl ˈiːlə/; Scottish Gaelic: Taigh-staile Chaol Ìle [t̪ʰəˈs̪t̪alə xɯːlˈiːlə], “Sound of Islay Distillery”) is a Scotch whisky distillery near Port Askaig on the isle of Islay, Scotland, owned by Diageo.

Where is Caol Ila from?

How do you pronounce Caol in Irish?


  1. (Munster) IPA: /keːl̪ˠ/, [këːə̯l̪ˠ]
  2. (Connacht) IPA: /kiːlˠ/
  3. (Ulster) IPA: /kiːlˠ/, (older) /kɯːlˠ/

Is Caol Ila smoky?

Intensely smokey on the nose, palette and finish but never sickening.

Is Caol Ila 12 chill filtered?

Caol Ila 12YO has been chill-filtered and colored, with maturation in Ex-Boubon Hogsheads. After I revisited this dram, it felt even better than before. This peated malt is a great combination of great smoky and peaty notes mixed together with fresh and light fruity notes.

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