Who is the CEO of AXA?

Thomas Buberl (Sep 1, 2016–)Axa / CEOThomas Buberl, is a German businessman who has been the CEO of Axa since 2016. Wikipedia

Who manages the French AXA?

Axa S.A. (styled as AXA) is a French multinational insurance company. The head office is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France….Axa.

Headquarters at 25 Avenue Matignon, Paris
Total assets €858 billion (2020)
Total equity €69.9 billion (2019)
Number of employees 120,869 (2020)
Subsidiaries Axa Investment Managers Axa XL

Where is Axa headquarters located?

Paris, FranceAxa / Headquarters

Who founded AXA?

AXA’s incredible adventure was born out of the dedication of a handful of men and women, led by Claude Bébéar, whose dream was to transform a small mutual insurer from Normandy into a world leader for insurance.

Who owns AXA Equitable?

It was acquired by Paris-based AXA S.A. in 1992 and served as its U.S. business for nearly three decades, focused on providing retirement and protection products and services.

Who is the CEO of Aviva?

Amanda Blanc (Jul 6, 2020–)Aviva / CEO

Who took over AXA?

Further to the announcement on 16 August 2021, HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc (HSBC), has completed the acquisition of 100% of the issued share capital of AXA Insurance Pte Limited (AXA Singapore) for a consideration of US$529m, subject to …

Is AXA part of Allianz?

AXA UK swoops for Allianz hire | Insurance Business UK Sarah Mallaby (pictured) – whose credentials span years spent at Zurich, Aviva, and Allianz – will soon be part of the AXA UK team in her new capacity as distribution and trading director for the insurer’s commercial business.

Who is the CEO of Equitable?

Mark Pearson (Feb 11, 2011–)Equitable / CEO

Who owns AXA Life?

45% is owned by AXA ASIA and 55% is owned by the Metrobank Group.

Has AXA been taken over?

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