What is a SCQF level 4 equivalent to?

The SCQF – showing levels correspondence to the EQF

SCQF Level SQA Qualifications Equivalent EQF Level
7 Advanced Higher, Awards, Scottish Baccalaureates 5
6 Higher, Awards, Skills for Work Higher 4
5 National 5, Awards, Skills for Work National 5 3
4 National 4, Awards, Skills for Work National 4 2

What is a National 4 qualification in Scotland?

The National 4 qualification is the equivalent of a general in a Standard Grade – or, to go back further, it is designed for students who may have had a limited chance of success in an O Grade. The N4 does not involve formal exams at the end of the course – these courses rely on continuous assessment.

What is a Level 4 qualification?

Level 4 qualifications are: certificate of higher education ( CertHE ) higher apprenticeship. higher national certificate ( HNC ) level 4 award.

Is SQA same as SCQF?

The SCQF is managed by a partnership of SQA, the higher education sector (working through the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), Colleges Scotland and Universities Scotland), and the Scottish Government.

What is SQA Higher equivalent to?

Simply put, Scottish Highers are the Scottish equivalent to A-Levels. They are courses that students aged 16-18 in Scotland sit that can lead to university, further study, training or work.

What SCQF level is HNC?

(HNC) or Higher National. Diploma (HND) • Undergraduate Degree. • Modern Apprenticeship. at SCQF level 7.

What are SCQF levels?

The SCQF is a way of comparing Scottish qualifications to other qualification frameworks. It does this by giving each qualification a level and a number of credit points. The level of a qualification shows how difficult the learning is.

Is Level 4 a good qualification?

Level 4 is indicative of a greater understanding and a higher level of learning than that gained through core modules at secondary education level. Examples of Level 4 qualifications include: Higher national certificate (HNC) Certificate of higher education (CertHE)

What is an SVQ level 4?

The Level 4 Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Social Services and Healthcare at SCQF level 9 allows candidates to demonstrate competence in job related skills in their particular area of work.

What are the SQA levels?

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SCQF Levels SQA Qualifications
8 Higher National Diploma, Advanced Diploma
7 Advanced Higher, Awards, Scottish Baccalaureate Higher National Certificate, Advanced Certificate
6 Higher, Awards, Skills for Work Higher National Certificate

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