What colors does SuperDeck come in?

SuperDeck Log Home & Deck Stain

  • amber hue.
  • creekstone gray.
  • cloud gray.
  • mahogany.
  • golden honey.
  • pecan.
  • evergreen.
  • teak.

Is Sherwin Williams Super Paint good for decks?

Best for Old Wood: Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Exterior Deck and Dock Coating. Even decades-old decks and docks can get a refresh with this Sherwin-Williams paint. Designed to smooth rough and damaged surfaces, it soaks into cracks of all shapes and sizes to make your deck look and feel like new.

Is SuperDeck stain or paint?

Stain or paint a deck: The age factor The Superdeck semi-solid from Sherwin Williams. It is a hybrid solid stain that takes the best from water and oil-based stains. It can be applied to damp wood which means it can be cleaned and stained the same day!

Is SuperDeck stain waterproof?

SuperDeck IR Reflective Exterior Waterborne Solid Color Stain.

Which is better SuperDeck or Woodscapes?

Super Deck is a good product that I use when I stain decks, but it’s a deck stain. The solid stain finish of Super Deck (waterborne) is slightly glossy with two coats, whereas Woodscapes is totally flat and dull. So that would be the main difference of how it will look on your siding.

Who makes SuperDeck stain?

Sherwin Williams SUPERDECK
Super Deck Review Sherwin Williams SUPERDECK® Semi-Transparent Stain is a 70% solid, pro-grade, wood deck finish developed to give superior protection and enhanced color to exterior wood.

How do you install a SuperDeck deck and dock?

GENERAL APPLICATION:All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dirt, mildew stains, dust and other foreign matter. Apply a thick coat of Deck & Dock with brush, roller, or airless sprayer. Build coating to approximately 4 dry mils. Be sure to follow all label directions for maximum product performance.

Does SuperDeck need 2 coats?

Answer: You should apply two coats of the semi-solid stain. I always apply two coats of SuperDeck stain.

How long does SuperDeck last?

– We were not impressed with the Superdeck stain. Most disappointed with the application and overall appearance after 2 years. Wood stains should not turn a dark black color after 2 years of exposure.

How long does Sherwin Williams SuperDeck last?

three years
The enhanced, technologically advanced formula will deliver this premium performance for up to three years while also offering improved weathering, similar to an oil-based stain that wears away, rather than peeling and blistering at the end of its life cycle.

Is Sherwin Williams SuperDeck water based?

SuperDeck Exterior Waterborne Solid Color Deck Stain Featuring Cool Feel™ Color Technology helps reduce the surface temperature by up to 20°F when compared to conventional color technology.

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