What does SW 3d mean?

Texas State Courts. Texas cases are published in the South Western Reporter, 1st edition (S.W.), 2nd edition (S.W. 2d), or 3rd edition (S.W. 3d).

What is SW 2d?

South Western Reporter (S.W. 2d)

What is West’s California reporter?

West’s® California Reporter®, 3d is a state caselaw reporter series in West’s® National Reporter System. This product covers opinions and decisions issued by California state courts.

How to abbreviate southwestern Reporter?

Table describing abbreviations of regional case reporters….WEST’S REGIONAL REPORTER SERIES.

Abbreviation States Covered
South Western Reporter S.W. or S.W.2d or S.W.3d Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas

What does 3d mean in a legal citation?

series number
Here is an example of a legal case citation broken down by its parts: 230 S.W.3d 88. 230 = the volume number. S.W.3d = the name of the reporter (S.W., which stands for Southwestern) and its series number (3d) 88 = the page on which the case begins.

What is 3d reporter?

Atlantic Reporter®, 3d is a regional caselaw reporter series in West’s® National Reporter System.

What is the official reporter for California?

The “30 Cal. 4th” refers to volume 30 of the fourth series of Official California Reports, which is the official reporter for California Supreme Court opinions.

Is the Pacific Reporter official?

Supreme Court cases are published in at least two, and sometimes three, recognized reporter sets: the official reporter (California Reports) and two West reporters (Pacific Reporter and California Reporter).

What court is P 3d?

California Case Reporters

California Supreme Court
California Reports (official) Cal., Cal. 2d, Cal. 3d., Cal. 4th
West’s California Reporter Cal. Rptr., Cal. Rptr. 2d, Cal. Rptr. 3d
West’s Pacific Reporter P., P.2d, P.3d

What reporter is a 2d?

California Reporters:

Reporter Abbreviations Name of Reporter
Cal. App., Cal. App. 2d, Cal. App. 3d, Cal. App. 4th California Appellate Reports (first, second, third, and fourth series)
Cal. Rptr., Cal. Rptr. 2d, Cal. Rptr. 3d California Reporter (first, second, and third series)

What are the 3 U.S. Supreme Court reporters?

U.S Supreme Court Cases: Supreme Court opinions are published in 3 different case law reporters: United States Reports (the official reporter) – “U.S.”, Supreme Court Reporter (West) – “S. Ct.”, and Lawyers’ Edition (Lexis) – “L. Ed.”.

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